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NYC Events



 John Pazmino 
 NYSkies Astronomy Inc  

    The following astronomy activities in the commuting ring enclosing 
New York City are operated by various organizations. A few cultural  
items of special importance to City astronomers are also included.  
    Altho NYC Events confirms the listed items, they are subject to 
change by their sponsors. Check with their contacts. Let the sponsor  
know that you learned of its event thru NYC Events.  
    Frequently asked questions and explanation of NYC Events is at 
    You may ask for previous NYC Events thru 'nyskies@nyskies.org' 
because only the current issue is in the website. It is replaced by  
next month's issue.  
    For events which missed NYC Events, check the NYSkies Yahoogroup 
forum. Join NYSkies by visiting 'www.nyskies.org/yahoo.htm' and 
picking either the email or website option.  
    All hours are Eastern Dayulight Savings Time (UT - 4h) . 

General notes 
 -----------                           / 
    'whole City' means the event has no specific or dedicated place. 
It may be enjoyed from the whole NYSkies territory or at a number of 
individual places. Celestial events are typicly 'whole City' events.  
    'all day' means the event is continuous or repeating during the 
open hours of the host facility. Facilities may have limited hours per 
day or days per week. Check with the event contacts.  
    'adv regn reqd',for 'advance registration required/requested' 
means that the event requires or requests signing up before the event. 
You must have your ticket in hand at the gate. There could be a 
deadline some days before the event, after which no more signups are 
accepted. Check with the event contact for specifics. 
    Prices cited are the 'rack rate'. You could qualify for discounts 
 As may be offered by the sponsor. Besides the base price there may be 
noptional extra fees to consider. 

Current Month calendar  
  Plain dates are in current month;  
  -, previous month; +, next month.  
  Moon phase: .NM., .FQ), (FM), (LQ.  
  Sunset is noted for each Saturday  
  Sun   Mon   Tue   Wed   Thu   Fri   Sat  sunset 
    1     2     3     4     5    (6.    7  20:30 
    8     9    10    11   .12.   13    14  20:27 
   15    16    17    18   .19)   20    21  20:22 
   22    23    24    25    26   (27)   28  20:16 
   29    30    31    +1    +2    +3   (+4. 20:08 

Index  of Events  
 * = NASA-JPL Night Sky Network affiliate  
 Date = entry in 'list of events' section 
 '0' = entry in 'ongoing and continuing events' section 
 'S/O',= entry in 'skipped, Sep/Oct resumption' section 
  'M/A' = entry in 'skipped, Mar/Apr resumption' secrion // '???' = 
entry in 'skipped, uncertain resumption' seciton 
 ------- -----------------------------------------------
 *Floyd Bennett Field - - - S/O 
  Secret Science Club - - -  0 

 *A S of Gtr Hartford   - - S/O 
  Astro Soc of Greenwich  - S/O 
 *Astro Soc of New Haven  - 31 
  Bowman Observatory  - - - 18 
 *Litchfield Hills AAC mtg  S/O 
 *Litchfield Hills starvg - 20 
 *McCarthy Observatory  - - 14 
  New Pond Farm - - - - - - ??? 
  Stamford Observatory  - -  6, 13, 20, 27 
 *Van Vleck Obsy (ASGH) - - 21 
  Van Vleck Obsy (WU) - - - S/O 
  Western CT St Univ Obsy - S/O 
 *Westport Astro Soc mtg  - 15 
 *Westport Astro Soc starvg 11, 18, 25 
  Boothe Meml Astro Soc - 203-377-9933, 

 *Amateur Observers Soc - - S/O 
  Amer Instt Aero & Astro - S/O 
  Astro Soc of Long Island  11, 18, 25 
  Brookhaven National Lab - 15, 22, 29 
  Custer Institute  - - - -  7, 14, 21, 28 
  Hofstra Univ Obsy - - - - S/O 
  Montauk Observatory - - - ??? 
  SUNY Stony Brook   -  - - S/O 
 *Susan Rose Observatory  -  7, 14, 21, 28 
 *Amat Astro Assn starvwg -  0 
 *Amat Astro Assn lecture - S/O 
  Amer Musm Natl Hist   - -  4 
  Ctr for Atmosp Ocean Sci  S/O 
  Ctr for Science & Society S/O 
  Central Pk (Great Lawn) -  1,6,7,8,13,14,15,20,21,22,27,28,29 
 *Columbia Univ Obsy  - - - S/O 
  Cornelia Street Cafe' - - ??? 
  Earth Institute - - - - - ??? 
  Good Housekeeping lab   - 13 
  Governor's Island - - - -  1-Oct 31 
  Gullicar's Gate - - - - -  0 
  Independence Day  - - - -  4 
  Instt Stud Ancnt World  - S/O 
  Intrepid AstroCafe' - - - S/O 
  Intrepid Astro Night  - - 20 
 *Inwood Astronomy Project   7, 14, 21, 28 
  Jupiter Joe Sidewk Astro   0 
  Manhattanhenge  - - - - -  9-11 
  Natl Musm of Mathematics  11 
  NY Academy of Sciences  - ??? 
  NYC-H2O - - - - - - - - -  0 
  New York Univ Astro - - - S/O 
 *NYSkies Astronomy Seminar  6, 20 
  Pi Day  - - - - - - - - - 22  
  SciCafe'  - - - - - - - -  4 
  Science & the Arts  - - - ??? 
  Simons Foundation - - - - S/O 
  Top of the Lawn - - - - -  1,6,7,8,13,14,15,20,21,22,27,28,29 
  TriState computer fair  -  0 
  Urban Park Rangers -  - -  0 
  Weekend Walks - - - - - -  1-mid Dec 2018 
 Ctr for Space Sci Edu - - info@nyccsse.org, www.nyccsse.org,  
            212-608-6164 n 
  Lamont-Doherty Obsy - - - S/O 
  Mid-Hudson Astro Assn - - 13 
  Ramapo Challenger Ctr - - 15 
  Vassar College Obsy - - - S/O 
  Ward Pound Ridge  - - - -  7 
  Westchester Amat Astro  - S/O 

  A A A of Princeton  - - - S/O 
  A S of Toms Rv Area - - - ??? 
 *Amat Astro Inc meeting  -  6, 13, 20, 27 
 *Amat Astro Inc lecture  - S/O 
  Joint Base Centennial   -  0 
  Morris Musm Astro Soc - - S/O 
  New Jersey Astro Assn - - 28 
  No Jersey Astro Gp mtg  - 11 
  No Jersey Astro Gp starvg S/O 
  Peyton Observarory  - - - 11 
  Plasma Physics Lab  - - -  6, 20 
  Rutgers Univ Astro Collqm S/O 
  Rutgers Univ Astro Semnr  S/O 
 *S*T*A*R - - - - - - - - - S/O 
  Schommer Observatory  - - 12, 19 
 *Sheep Hill Astro Assn - - S/O 
 *Sheep Hill Observatory  - 20 
 *Utd Astro Clubs of NJ - -  7, 14, 21, 28 
  Washington Xing St Pk - -  6, 13, 20, 27 
  Dark Sky Observers - www.users.nac.net/gburke/club  
  McDowell Obsy - mec.rst2.edu, 201-460-8300 
  Montclair Telescope Club - 973-948-5284, bischoff@garden.net,    
 NW Jersey Amat Astro - www.nwjaa.org, info@nwjaa.org 
  Passaic Co Astro Assn - www.users.nac.net/gburke/PCAA, 973-523-0024 
 *Raritan Vy Co Coll Plm  - www2.raritanval.edu/planetarium  
   Skyland Stargazers  -  skylandstargazers.tripod.com 

    QUEENS - QN  
  Alley Pond Park - - - - - S/O 
  York College Observatory  S/O 


  Coll of Staten Is Obsy  - S/O 
  Great Kills Park  - - - - 14 
  Staten Is Community TV  -  6, 13, 20, 27 

 Ongoing and continuing events 
    all day - whole state - NJ - Joint Base centennial shows 
       Thru 2018 Oct 31. 100th annivesaty if Fort Dix and later 
        worls of McGuire AFN and Lakehurst NAS. These are only 
        military facilityies jointly run by all three major branches, 
        army, air force, navy. Events staged at or near bases. Most 
        ree, some pay. www.nj.gov/state/historical/index.html, 
        609-292-6062, Feedback@sos.nj.gov 
    all day - whole City - MH - cultural tour 
        NYC-H2O. Walk, bike, ride thru history and culture of NYC 
        muwater system facilities and natural waterways in and near 
        the City.  Events are pay orfree, adn regn reqd. Bike tours 
        need own bike. www.nych2o.org, 
    all day - whole City - MH - clearsky starviewing  
        Amat Astro Assn. Sessions convene in parks usually at dusk. 
        Occasional daytime sunviewing. Free. Cancelled for clouds. 
          president@aaa.org, 718-522-5014, www.aaa.org  
    all day - whole City - MH - clearsky starviewing  
        Jupiter Joe's Sidewalk Astronomy. Sessions convene in parks 
        usually at dusk. Occasional daytime sunviewing. Free. `       
        Cancelled for clouds.  www.jupiterjoesastronomy.org, 
    all day - Gullivaer's Gate - MH - cultural exhibit 
        indef duration. 216 W 44 St, 7/8 Av. Opened in mid April 2017 
        for preview. Miniature models of landmarks and important 
        structures from around the world. Rooms arranged by quarter of 
        world and for New York City. $36, timed ticket, adv regn reqd. 
        Optional cost for stereopint of visitor into figurine placed 
        at desired item in exhibit. www.gulliversgate.com. 
    all day - whole City - MH - cultural tours & lectures 
        Urban Park Rangers. Tours of parks, landmarks, nabes, hoods. 
        Lectures on history and culture of NYC. Program varies each 
        month. Free. www.nyc.gov/parks  
    10:00 - whole City - MH - Tri-State Computer Fair 
        Source of computer systems, software, components, accessories. 
        $7. www.tri-statefairs.com, 718-227-5586 
    20:00 - Bell House - BK - Secret Science Club meeting  
        149 7 St, 2/3 Av. Lecture and music on various science  
        topics. Free. secretscienceclub.blogspot.com, 718-638-4400, 

List of events 
Sun  1 Jul 
    all day - VIVO Institt - MH - 'Jews in Space' exhibit 
    all day - Governors Island - MH - cultural shows 
        Thru 31 Oct. Island is open on every day, 10h-20h weekdayss, 
        10h-19h weekends. Walk and tour thru former military base and 
        new urban park. Shows vary each day or visit by foot or bike. 
        Ferries run every day 10h-17h from Battery Marine Terml, MH, 
        and on weekdays from Pier 6, BK. Island is free but ferry 
         fare is $2 RT. www.nps.gov/gois, 
    all day - whole City - MH - Weekend Walks street fairs 
       Thru mid Dec. NYC Dept of Transptn closes certain steets in 
        all boros on Saturdayss for street fairs. Stores and local 
         orgs offer ntertainment, discount sales, exhibits, food 
        service Free. 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing 
        Top of the Lawn. North path of Great Lawn. Free. Cancelled for 
        clouds. tags_p@yahoo.com, www.nyskies.org, nyskies@nyskies.org 
Wed  4 Jul 
    ll day - whole City - MH - Independence Day 
        Please check with event contact for session falling on this 
        day by rule or outdated schedule 
    19:00 - Amer Musm Natl Hist - MH - SciCafe' show 
        Hall of Ocean Life or hall of planet Earth. Music, drinks, 
        chat with Museum scientists. Free, be 21 or be gone. GI photo 
        ID reqd. 212-769-5100, www.amnh.org/programs 
Fri  6 Jul 
    10:00 - Princeton - NJ - science tour 
        Plasma Physics Lab. Walk thru history and culture of fproject 
        to capture energy from controled hydrogen fusion. Free, adv 
        regn reqd. Photo ID required for campus security. 
    18:30 - McBurney House - MH - NYSkies Astronomy Seminar  
        125 W 14 St, 6/7 Av. Discussion of astronomy topics, show 
        & tell, skywatching reports, news of astro activity in NYSkies 
        territory. Free. nyskies@nyskies.org, www.nyskies.org     
    19:30 - Staten Is Community TV - SI - science show 
        100 Cable Way, Mariners Hr SI. 'Geology forum' Live audience, 
        seating at 19:30, on air at 20:00. Free. www.sictv.org, 
    19:30 - Cranford - NJ - Amat Astro Inc meeting 
        Union Co Coll, Sperry Obsy. Indoor talk, clearsky  
        starviewing. Free. www.asterism.org, hfjacinto6@gmail.com  
    19:30 - Boonton - NJ - Sheep Hill Astro Assn meeting  
        Boonton Senior Ctr. Free. www.sheephillastro.org, 
        contacts@sheephillastro.org, wwestura@optonline.net 
    20;00 - Wash'n X'ing - NJ - clearsky starviewing 
        Amat Astro Assn of Princeton. Simpson Obsy. Free, cancelled 
       for clouds. www.princetonastronomy.org, 609-737-2575, 
    20:00 - Stamford - CT - astronomy lecture 
        Stamford Obsy. $3. Indoor lecture, clearsky starviewing. 
        203-322-6537, www.stamfordmuseum.org, cescovil@earthlink.net 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 1 
Sat  7 Jul 
    20:00 - Susan Rose Obsy - LI - clearsky starviewing  
        Amat Obsrs Soc. capus of Custer Institt. Sessions concurrent 
        with Custer's own events. Free, cancelled for clouds. 
        www.aosny.org, suerose@optonline.net             
    20:00 - Southold - LI - Custer Institute meeting 
        Custer Instt. Indoor program, clearsky starviewing. $5-$15. 
        Varies with program. www.custerobservatory.org, 
        president@custerobservatory.org, 631-765-2626  
    20:00 - Inwood Hill Park - MH cleasky starviewing 
        Inwood Astronomy Project. Meet at park entrance, Seaman Av 
        & Isham St. Free. Cancelled for clouds. 917-529-2359 
        www.inwoodastronomy.org, asonskendall@gmail.com 
    20:00 - Ward Pound Ridge - NY - clearsky starviewing 
        Westchester Amat Astro. Meadows Picnic Area. Free. Cancelled 
        for clouds. waa-president@westchesterastronomers.org 
    20:00 - Jenny Jump St Forest - NJ - Utd A C of NJ mtg 
        UACNJ Obsy. Indoor talk, clearsky starviewing. Free.  
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 1 
Sun 8 Jul 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 1 
Mon  9 Jul 
    20:00 - gridiron - MH - Manhattanhenge 
        Thru 11 Jul. Sun sets in line with E-W streets within 
        Manhattan gridiron. Requires clear view along street to 
        horizon in NJ. www.nyskies.org/articles/pazmino/stone-ny.htm 
Wed 11 Jul 
     16:00 - Natl Musm of Mathematics - MH - science show 
        Also 19:00. 'Mathematical Encounters'. Free, adv regn 
        reqd. 212-542-0566, www.momath.org, info@momath.org 
    20:00 - Centerport - LI - Astro Soc of LI meeting 
        Vanderbilt Plm. Free. asliastronomy@yahoo.com, 
    20:00 - Upper Montclair - NJ - No Jersey Astro Gp meeting 
        Montclair St Univ, Richardson Hall, Room 232. Free. 
        njastro.org, 973-655-7266 
    20:30 - Westport - CT - clearsky starviewing 
        Westport Astro Soc. Rolnick Obsy. Free. Cancelled for 
        clouds. www.was-ct.org, 203-227-0925 
    20:30 - Princeton - NJ - clearsky starviewing 
        Princeton Univ, Peyton Hall. Free. Cancelled for clouds 
        jeg@astro.princeton.edu, lee@astro.princeton.edu 
Thu 12 Jul 
    20:30 - Piscataway - NJ - clearsky starviewing 
        Rutgers Univ, Schommer Obsy. Free. Cancelled for clouds.  
        732-205-0020, www.physics.rutgers.edu/ast/ast-serin.html  
Fri 13 Jul 
    10:00 - Good Housekeeping Resrch Instt - MH - science tour 
        Also 11:30. Hearst Tower, 57 St & 8 Av. Walk thru history and 
        science of product testing center of Good Housekeeping 
        magazine. Free, adv regn reqd. 212-649-5000, 
    19:00 - Lk Taghkanic St Pk - NY - clearsky starviewing 
        Mid-Hudson Astro Assn. West Beach parking lot. Free,  
        cancelled for clouds. Adv regn reqd with vehicle make, 
        model, plate number for park security. `       
    19:30 - Staten Is Community TV - SI - science show - see Jul 6 
    19:30 - Cranford - NJ - Amat Astro Inc meeting - dee Jul 6 
    20:00 - Stamford - CT - astronomy lecture - see Jul 6 
    20;00 - Wash'n X'ing - NJ - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 6 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 1 

Sat 14 Jul 
    20:00 - Great Kills Pk - SI - clearsky starviewing 
        Natl Pk Svc. Enter at Hylan Bv to playground; Free. Cancelled 
        for clouds. www.nps.gov/gate, 718-987-6790  n 
    20:00 - New Milford - CT - astronomy lecture  
        McCarthy Obsy, New Miford HS. Indoor lecture, clearsky  
        starviewing. Free. www.mccarthyobservatory.org, 860-354-1595, 
    20:00 - Jenny Jump St Forest - NJ - Utd A C of NJ mtg - see Jul 7 
    20:00 - Southold - LI - Custer Institute meeting - dee Jul 7 
    20:00 - Inwood Hill Park - MH cleasky starviewing - see Jul 7 
    20:00 - Susan Rose Obsy - LI - clearsky starviewing  - see Jul 7 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 1 
Sun 15 Jul 
    10:00 - Upton - LI - Summer Sundays science show 
        Brookhaven Natl Lab. Visit several BNL facilities with demos   
        and talks, Four Sundays, each with different activities. Free, 
        have GI photo ID for campus security. 631-344-2651, 
    14:00 - Airmont - NY - science show 
        Ramapo Challenger Ctr, 225 Rt 29. Multimedia 
       imulation of space missions. $20. wwwlhvcc.com, 
        director@lhvcc.com, 845-257-3416. 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 1 
Tue 17 Jul 
    20:00 - Westport - CT - Westport Astro Soc meeting 
         Rolnick Obsy. Free. www.was-ct.org, 203-227-0925 
Wed 18 Jul 
    20:00 - Centerport - LI - Astro Soc of LI meeting - see Jul 11 
    20:30 - Westport - CT - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 11 

Thu 19 Jul 
    20:30 - Piscataway - NJ - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 12 
    20:30 - Greenwich - CT - clearsky starviewing 
        Astro Soc of Greenwich. Curtis Elem Schl, Bowman Obsy. Free. 
        Cancelled for clouds. rickbria@optonline.net, 203-415-6762. , 
Fri 20 Jul 
    10:00 - Princeton - NJ - science tour - see Jul 6 
    18:30 - McBurney House - MH - NYSkies Astronomy Seminar  
        125 W 14 St, 6/7 Av. Discussion of astronomy topics, show 
        & tell, skywatching reports, news of astro activity in NYSkies 
        territory. Free. nyskies@nyskies.org, www.nyskies.org 
     19:30 - Intrepid Museum - MH - astronomy lecture 
        Flight deck of ship. Indoor/open air lecture, clearsky 
        starviewing. Free. www.intrepidmuseum.org 
    19:30 - Staten Is Community TV - SI - science show - see Jul 6 
    19:30 - Cranford - NJ - Amat Astro Inc meeting - dee Jul 6 
    20:00 - Middletown - CT - clearsky starviewing 
        Astro Soc of Gtr Hartford, Wesleyan U, Van Vleck Obsy. Free. 
        Cancelled for clouds. www.asgh.org, 860-872-9069,  
    20:00 - Stamford - CT - astronomy lecture - see Jul 6 
    20;00 - Wash'n X'ing - NJ - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 6 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 1 
    20:30 - Boonton - NJ - clearsky starviewing  
        Sheep Hill Astro Assn Obsy, Free. Cancelled for  
        clouds. sheephillastro.otg, contacts@sheephillastro.org, 
    20:30 - Litchfield - CT - Litchfield Hills A A C lecture 
        White Meml Consrvn Ctr. Free. Indoor lecture, clearsky 
        starviewing. lhaac.shutterfly.com, lhaacsec@gmail.com 
Sat 21 Jul 
    20:00 - Southold - LI - Custer Institute meeting - dee Jul 7 
    20:00 - Inwood Hill Park - MH cleasky starviewing - see Jul 7 
    20:00 - Jenny Jump St Forest - NJ - Utd A C of NJ mtg - see Jul 7 
    20:00 - Susan Rose Obsy - LI - clearsky starviewing  - see Jul 7 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 1 
Sun 22 Jul 
 all day - whole City - MH - Pi Day 
       Mar 14 & Jul 22. Reflect and contemplate about the number 'pi'. 
        Dates are roug value of 'pi', 3.14 and 22/7. Ask at local 
        astronomy center for possible festivities and celebrations. 
    10:00 - Upton - LI - Summer Sundays science show - see Jul 15 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 1 
Wed 25 Jul 
    20:00 - Centerport - LI - Astro Soc of LI meeting - see Jul 11 
    20:30 - Westport - CT - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 11 

Fri 27 Jul 
    19:30 - Cranford - NJ - Amat Astro Inc meeting - dee Jul 6 
    19:30 - Staten Is Community TV - SI - science show - see Jul 6 
    20:00 - Stamford - CT - astronomy lecture - see Jul 6 
    20;00 - Wash'n X'ing - NJ - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 6 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 1 
Sat 28 Jul 
    20:00 - Inwood Hill Park - MH cleasky starviewing - see Jul 7 
    20:00 - Jenny Jump St Forest - NJ - Utd A C of NJ mtg - see Jul 7 
    20:00 - Susan Rose Obsy - LI - clearsky starviewing  - see Jul 7 
    20:00 - Southold - LI - Custer Institute meeting - dee Jul 7 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 1 
    20:30 - Voorhees St Pk - NJ - NJ Astro Assn meeting 
        NJAA-HQ, Robinson Obsy. Indoor lecture, clearsky 
        starviewing. Free. www.njaa.org, 908-368-8600 

Sun 29 Jul 
    10:00 - Upton - LI - Summer Sundays science show - see Jul 15 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Jul 1 

Tue 31 Jul 
    19:00 - New Haven - CT - Astro Soc of New Haven meeting 
        Yale Univ, Leitner Family Obsy. Indoor talk, clearsky 
        starviewing. Free. www.asnh.org, prez@asnh.org 

Events Skipped This Month 
    11:00 - Palisades - NY - science lecture 
        Lamont-Doherty Earth Obsy, Comer Bldg. Various topics in 
        geophysics and earth science. Free, 845-365-8634, 
        www.ldeo.columbia.edu, suzana@ldeo.columbia.edu, 
    13:15 - Uniondale - LI - Amat Obsrs Soc meeting. 
        Hofstra Univ, Berliner Hall. Free. www.aosny.org, 
    13:30 - Piscataway - NJ - astronomy lecture 
        Seminar series. Rutgers Univ, Serin 401. Free. 732-445-3974, 
    14:00 - New York University - MH - astronomy lecture 
        726 Broadway, Rm 940. Various topics in astrophys and 
        relativity. Free. Have GI photo ID for campus security. 
    15:30 - Courant Institute - MH - science lecture 
        Ctr for Atmosp & Ocean Studies. Weaver Hall, 251 Mercer 
        St. Various topics in geophysics and earth science. Free. 
        caos.cims.nyu.edu, shafer@cims.nyu.edu 
    15:30 - Greenwich - CT - Astro Soc of Greenwich meeting 
        Greenwich Public Library. Free with musm adm. 
        rickbria@optonline.net, 203-415-6762, astrogreenwich.org 
    16:30 - Piscataway - NJ - astronomy lecture 
         Colloquium series. Rutgers Univ, Busch Campus, Astro & Phys 
        Lectr Hall. Free. www.physics.rutgers.edu/colloquium, 
    17:00 - Simons Foundation - MH - scinece lecture 
         160 5 Av & 21 St. 'How and why Mercury is different from its 
        sibling rocky planets?'. Free, adv regn reqd. 646-654-0066, 
    18:00 - Inst Stud Anc World - MH - cultural lecture 
        15 E 84 St, 5/Madison Av. Various topics on history and 
         culture of ancient civilizations.. Free, adv regn reqd. 
        isaw..nyu.edu isaw@nyu.edu, 212-992-7842 
    18:00 - Bethpage - LI -  Amer Instt Aero & Astro lecture       
        Bethpage Public Library. Various topics in aeronautics and 
        astronautics. 'Nars sample return missiOn'. Free, optional $5 
        pizza-soda. 516-458-8593, davidparis@twc.com 
    18:00 -CUNY Graduate Center - MH - Ctr for Sci & Soc lecture 
        385 Fifth Av. 'Early modernb science intertwine An 
        Iberoamerican perspective'. Free, adv regn reqd, Free,  
        limited seating. 212-854-7211, 
    18:15 - Amer Musm Natl Hist - MH - Amat Astro Assn lecture 
         Kaufmann Theater. Free, no musm adm fee. 718-522-5014, 
        president@aaa.org, www.aaa.org 
   19:00 - Coll of Staten Is - SI - clearsky starviewing 
        Astrophys Obsy. Free, cancelled for clouds. 718-982-2818, 
     19:30 - Intrepid Museum - MH - AstroCafe' lecture 
        Flight deck of ship. Indoor/open air lecture, clearsky 
        starviewing. Food & drink service, bar drinks sold only to 21+ 
        YO. Free. www.intrepidmuseum.org 
    19:30 - Torrington - CT - Litchfield Hills Amat Astro Club mtg 
        Central Congregational Church. Free.lhaacsec@gmail.com 
    19:30 - Morristown - NJ - Morris Museum Astro Soc meeting  
         Morris Museum. Free. 973-386-1848, 973-386-1848,, 
        www.mmastrosociety.org, info@morrismusem.org, 
    19:30 - Pleasantville - NY - Westchester Amat Astro meeting  
        Pace Univ, Miller Hall, Free. www.westchesterastronomers.org, 
     19:30 - Stony Brook - LI - astronomy lecture 
        SUNY Stony Brook, Earth & Spc Sci Hall. Indoor lecture, 
        clearsky starviewing. Free. www.ess.sunysb.edu/astro, 
        631-632-8100, slutterbie@notes.cc.sunysb.edu 
     19:30 - New Brittain - CT - Astro Soc of Gtr Hartford meeting 
        Central CT St Univ, Copernicus Plm. Free. www.asgh.org, 
        860-872-9069, pparkerrs@cs.com         
    19:30 - Alley Pond Park - QN - astronomy lecture 
        Alley Pond Enviro Ctr. Indoor lecture, clearsky 
        starviewing. $14 at door.. www.alleypond.org, 
        info@alleypond.org, 718-229-4000 
    19:30 - Princeton - NJ - Amat Astro Assn of Princeton meeting 
        Princeton U, Peyton Hall. Free. www.princetonastronomy.org, 
        609-737-2575, info@princetonastronomy.org 
    20:00 - Floyd Bennett Field - BK - clearsky starviewing 
        Community Garden. NYSKies & Natl Park Svc. Free. Cancelled 
        for clouds. www.nyskies.org, stephenlieber@nyc.rr.com, 
    20:00 - Lincroft - NJ - S*T*A*R meeting 
        Brookdale Commty Coll, Mommouth Museum. Free. 
        www.starastronomy.org, s-walters@comcast.net 
    20:00 - Cranford - NJ - Amat Astro Inc lecture 
        Union Co Coll, Smith Audm. Indoor talk, clearsky 
        starviewing. Free. www.asterism.org 
    20:00 - Danbury - CT - astronomy lecture 
        Westn Conn St Uv, Obsy/Plm. Indoor planetarium show, 
        clearsky starviewing. Free. www.wcsu.edu/starwatch, 
        203-837-8671, dawsond@wcsu.edu 
    20:00 - York College - QN - astronomy lecture . 
        Core Academic Bdg, Rm AC-2E01. Indoor lecture, clearsky 
        starviewing. Free, adv regn reqd. 718-262-2082, 
    20:00 - Uniondale - LI - clearsky starviewing 
        Hofstra University,Berliner Bdg, Rm 117. Free, 
        adv regn reqd. Cancelled for clouds. 516-463-2759, 
        www.hofstra.edu/Academics, observatory@hofstra.edu 
    20:0:0 - Columbia University - MH - astronomy lecture 
          Pupin Hall, signs to lecture room. Indoor lecture, clearsky 
         starviewing. Free. outreach-admin@astro.columbia.edu, 
         www.astro.columbia.edu/outreach, 212-854-3278 
    20:00 - Upper Montclair - NJ - clearsky starviewing 
        No Jersey Astro Gp. Montclair St Univ, Richardson Hall.        
        Free, cancelled for clouds. njastro.org, 973-655-7266,  
    20:00 - Middletown - CT - clearsky starviewing 
        Wesleyan U, Van Vleck Obsy. Free, cancelled for clouds. 
        860-685-3664, www.wesleyan.edu/astro/events 
    21:00 - Poughkeepsie - NY - clearsky starviewing 
        Vassar College, Observatory. Free. Cancelled for clouds. 
    18:00 - Cornelia St Cafe' - MH - Entertaining Science show 
        29 Cornelia St & W 4 St, Play & music on various 
        science themes. $10 + one drink min. 
        www.corneliastreetcafe.com, 212-989-9319 
    18:00 - Earth Institute - MH - science lecture 
        Columbnia Univ, Lerner Hall, Arledge Audm.. 'Sea level rise: 
        Causes, impacts and options for solutions'. Free, adv regn 
        reqd. ei.columbia.edu 
    18:30 - CUNY Graduate Center - MH - Science and the Arts show 
        'TNo, No, Nobel' on women who missedthe Nobel Prize for 
        their work. Free. 212-817-7521, bschwartz@gc.cuny.edu, 
    19:00 - Toms River - NJ - Astro Soc of Toms Rv Area meeting 
        Ocean Co Coll, Student Ctr, Solar Lounge. Free. 
        www.astra-nj.org, 732-255-0343, webmaster@astra-nj.org 
    19:00 - NY Academy of Sciences - MH - astronomy lecture 
        'The unification of physics: The ques for a Theory of 
    20:30 East Hampton - LI - astronomy lecture 
        Montauk Obsy, Fuild Hall.. Indoor talk, 
        clearsky starviewing. Free. www.montaukobservatory.com 
    20:30 - West Reading - CT - clearsky starviewingh 
        New Pond Farm, obseratory. $10, adv regn reqd. , cancelled for 
        clouds. www.newpondfarm.org, 203-938-2117, 

General news 
    Forecast of scattered rain with possible thunderstorms for June 2nd 
moved several outdoors events to be called off. For NYSkies, early on 
June 1 World Science Festival cancelled its Brooklyn Bridge Park show 
and Amat Obsrs Soc postponed its June 2nd Stars walk'. This walk was 
already moved to June 2 from May 19 for rain threat back then. 
    There are no events posted for Independence Day, July 4th. Events 
that would fall on July 4th are either skipped or moved.  
    NYSkies Astronomy Seminar ran out of time at its June 1st session! 
It was showing 'How we went to the Moon a hundred ears ago' when we 
took a long break to watch a post-Manhattanhenge sunset. We stopped 
the show just as we were entering the Lunar park pavilion. At first we 
planned to pick up from there  on the June 15th session, but many of 
you wanted to see the whole show in one go. We ran the show on the 
15th, shelving the original topic of observing the Moon. 
    Columbia Univ Obsy tin 2018 has no summer lectures. It'll post the 
fall slate sometime in August. 
    Amer Instt Aeron & Astron, Bethpage LI, skips meetings in July and 
August 2018. Ip put it in the 'S/O' section. 
    Brookhaven Natl Lab starts its Summer Sundays in July 2018. In  
prior years they began in August. Demos abd lab tour vary for each 
    Intrepid Museum will stage its annual Space  Science FFest in 
September 2018. Here to fore it was in July or August. 

City News
    On 29 May 2018 local officials honored Emily Roebling with a 
street naming ceremony in Brooklyn Hts BK. The block of Columbia Hts 
at Orange St was was named 'Emily Warren Roebling Way'. She was wife 
of Washington Roebling, working with him to finish building Brooklyn 
Bridge. She, with Washington, were home astronomers realizing that the 
Bridge would bring industrial air pollution into Brooklyn's  interior 
countryside, diminishing sky conditions for observing. (Luminous 
graffiti was not yet significant.)  They, thru their Brooklyn 
astronomy contacts, agitated for future observatories be built far 
from towns and industrial areas. 
    AARP magazine, June 2018, has 'What i learned in space' by 
astronaut Scott kelly. It was an excerpt from his full-length book and 
notes that he believes that in his lifetime there will be no 
replacement for ISS. 
    On 5 June 2018 Hudson's Bay, parent of Lord & Taylor, will close 
the store on 5th Av  in early 2019. it also sells the property to 
subsidiary WeWork for its own NYC HQ. lord & Taylor continues to 
operate thru the web and a 15,000m2 scaled-down store will open in 
late 2019 in the WeWork building. 
    NYSkies Astronomy Seminar on June 1, 2018, was a double feature. 
We started to show the favorite slideshow 'How we went to the Moon a 
hundred years ago' and watched the Sun set a dy after Manhattanhenge. 
I compiled the slideshow for the 2009 for the Astronomical league 
convention on Long island. Since then I refined it and showed it 
occasionally to Amateur Observers Society, host of that convention, 
and NYSkies. We began with a look at the Astroland rocke, a space-
theme theater with seats and a film screen. After a few years the ride 
closed and the rocket was mounted atop a hamburger dump as a billboard 
for Astroland. We was a second rocket,a real, empty, Atlas ICBM on 
tour thru the country to boost American spirits in the early Space 
Age, But the 1950-1960s was not the first time Coney Island had a hand 
in space travel. We peeked at New York in the 1890-1900s and noted 
that there was a general belief that many social problems could be 
cured by visiting other worlds. it was then casually thought that 
voyages to the Moon and mars was a simple extension of the overall 
enlargement of industry and engineering underway at the turn of the 
20th century. We also had obvious motives for space travel, to do 
business and trade with inhabitants of Mars. Mars was since the 1890s 
regarded as a planet similar to Earth with human-like life. This 
feeling was fueled by accounts from several dci-fi and science 
authorities. We could see the canals built by martians and the 
changing fill-empty of Mars lakes and melt of polar caps. We also 
believed that mars is the place to treat certain medical conditions 
like muscular and lung diseases. We then took a ride to Coney Island 
on an open-end subway train. It took us thru Manhattan into Brooklyn 
and to Coney Island terminal. From there walk explored Coney Island 
and arrived at the pavilion 'a trip to th Moon'. After checking our 
tickets we started to flow into the pavilion. By now it was 
approaching 9:30PM, end of our session! The time flied by because of 
the banter among us about trains, Brooklyn, Coney Island, city history 
and the intermission to watch Manhattanhenge. We closed the slideshow 
at this cliffhanger moment, to continue at the June 15th session. 
We'll put off the scheduled topic 'Observing the Moon' for the June 
15th Seminar. We were really getting into the story of century-old 
space travel, raring to return on the 15th to actually [sort of] 
travel to the Moon. 
    NYS Gov Cuomo on 25 June 2018 revived plan for a rail link to 
laGuardia airport. It resembles the JFK airport AirTrain as an 
isolated el  exclusively for airport traffic. Its outer terminal is at 
the LIRR and Flushing subway stations in Willets Point QN. Cuomo 
estimates the line costs ~$1.4 billion and starts building in 2020. 
    A Piper PA31 plane crashed in Atlantic oc 2km south of East 
Hampton LI on 2018 June 2 ~15h EDST. All four on board were killed, 
likely on a flight associated with weekend visit on the Hamptons. US 
NTSB and FAA are looking at possible damage or malfunction of the 
plane from afternoon thunderstorms.. 
    The 'City of stars' tour stepped off on 2018 June 9 under partly 
cloudy, mild sky. We explored an East Harlem site and learned that one 
astronomy feature in it may have been removed during routine 
maintenance. We also were advised of AN OTHER East harlem site, 
previously missing our attention!! AOS, tour operator, NYSkies will 
investigate it late this year for future walks. At a site in Upper 
East Side we learned from a local culturist that the astronomy 
artifact we examined was considered  as only a peculiar artpiece. We 
explained its purpose and showed the culturist how to use it. At a 
site in Central Park the printed description of its Latin phrase had a 
serious misspelling that corrupted sensible translation. The artifact 
 itself was correctly inscribed, leading to a proper translation.  By 
when we finished visiting Grand Central Terminals' Sky Ceiling, most 
of us were tired out. We split off for trains to go home. 
    NYS MTA on 2018 June 17 announced it phases out MetroCard for a 
tap-&-go plate. Until full conversion in 2023, stations will sell both 
fare media. First changeouvers, in 2019, are all buses on Staten 
Island and green (Lexington Av) line stations from Barclays Ctr thru 
Grand Central. 
    Several NYSkiers joined about 1,000 railfans at Parade of rains on 
16-17 June 2018. They converged on Brighton Bh station to ride and 
photograph some of the Transit Museum's vintage trains. Days were 
sunny, warm, breezy. Trains ran roundtrip from Brighton Bh to Kings 
Hy, with many fans taking pictures as they raced thru intermediate 
    I uploaded three articles into our web. One demonstrates the 
update of Passover relative to the spring equinox in the Jewish 
calendar. The other is a summary of the NYC Science & Engineering 
Fair, where Steve Kaye and I were judges. The third is an update of 
the master table of bright planetary stars to enroll 24 Bootis and 
gamma librae. Some info about them is given in 'Sky News'. Th aricles 
articles are at 


    NYC Mayor deBlasio on 3 Jun 2018 offered plan to eliminate merit ^ 
qualifying tests for the City's specialized high schools, starting in 
2019. He claims too few of currently-defined minority students are 
prepared or educated to pass the exams. he wants to allot seats 
according to percent of such minorities entering high school. NYC Gov 
Cuomo, public officials, educators, outsider minority leaders oppose 
the Mayor's scheme. 
    NYSkies Astronomy Seminar on 15 June 2018 replayed the slideshow 
'How we went to the Moon a hundred years ago' due to exhausting our 
session time on June 1st. Those at the June 1st meeting were thrilled 
again to see how Coney Island developed and the world's first virtual 
reality tripe to the Moon was established there. We followed the 
crowds off the train, into Luna park, and to the Moon pavilion. There 
we boarded a 'space boat' for the ride. It was suspended and 
maneuvered about b cables from the ceiling. Under it was a tabletop 
scenery of Niagara Falls/Buffalo, where the ride was purchased from an 
industrial exhibition. Since this region was a famous resort, it was 
left in place. The space boat soared over this scenery, entered a 
violent space storm that distracted the riders with lightning, 
thunder, rain, wind. During this storm the table was rolled out and 
replaced with one of a lunar crater, into which the space boat landed. 
We were greeted by moon maidens, midgets in costume handing out hunks 
of green cheese. We were taken to the king of the Moon, whose court 
sang several lunar-theme songs. with cheers all around we left the 
Moon out to the street, to continue our visit of Coney Island. We 
tried many of the early rides, some no longer part of today's 
amusement parks. We checked out the beach, showing how it easily seats 
a full one million sunbathers at once. We peeked at some of Coney 
Island's culture and then swang back to the turn-of-20th-century 
efforts for space travel. Yhe means to leave Earth was the heavy-lift 
rocket, to carry a crew beyond the atmosphere, to other worlds. The 
principles of zero-G, self-contained life support, and extra-
atmospheric maneuvers were examined. We saw the invention of radio 
remote control for operating automata on the Moon and transponding 
wather readings and fac-similes from the Moon. We leave Coney Island 
after a long  day to follow humankind's first lunar voyage. We 
listened as the moon capsule neared the Moon and touched down. Then we 
heard from the telegraph station, 'The eagle has landed'. 
    NYC Mayor deBlaso declared on 2018 June 12 hat the City's ban on 
styrofoam food/drink containers begins on 2019 January 1. Regs apply 
to items discarded after consuming their contents. It does not include 
styrofoam used for protection in shipping or storing. Altho styrofoam 
can be recycled, City has too little market for the amount recycled. 
He is working on second ban on plastic sipping straws, to b replaced y 
paper or other recyclable material. 
    On 27 Jun 2018 NYC DOT put out new plan for the coming shutdown of 
the Canarsie line inn April 2019. It arranged with CitiBike to build 
~280 morestations on Manhattan between Canal St and 59 St and in 
Williamsburg. It will add ~1,000 more bikes, most pedal-assisted 
electric models to climb ramps on WillyB. 
    Verizon Wireless warns customers of an annoying spam of phone 
calls. The call rings your phone but hangs up soonest it detects a 
 voice, even if by anserfone. No message is deposited. The calls are 
nationwide and originate from many points in the US. All come from 
"CellCo partnership DBA Verizon wireless'. It is in fact affiliated 
with Verizon and its executives include officials of Verizon. If the 
call is answered on your mobile device, you are charged the normal 
call-received fee. Verizon notes this spamming is a long-running 
situation from at least the early 2010s, but for some reason seems to 
swelled in scale in recent months. Because these calls come from many 
different originating phone numbers it's not easy to block them. 
Verizon advises not to answer calls from strange numbers. Let them 
fall thru as 'missed calls', then do a number look-up via the web. 
    Pablo Villvicencio was arrested by US ICE on 8 Jun 2018 for 
violating immigration regs. He was delivering pizza at Ft Hamilton, 
BK, when guards found he had only a IDNYC card, invalid for entering 
the base. ICE learned he sneaked into US and then ignored court 
agreement to return to native Ecuador. Villavicencio also had no 
driver license for the delivery truck. The pizza shop was in College 
Pt QN, some 15km from Ft Hamilton, while there are many pizza shops 
within walking distance.  While in US he married and had two 
daughters. The wife is a US citizen. Villacicencio obtained a 
temporary stay of deportation pending further study of his case. 

Sky News
    Manhattanhenge in May 2018 was a total rain/cloud loss. The sky 
cleared on June 1 to let NYSkiers at our Seminar watch the Sun set a 
little to the right of 14th St. A few of us hurried down the street to 
get around a garbage truck about 30m toward the Sun partly blocking 
out view  from in front of our meeting room. 
    The night of 2018 June 4-5 was a threshold Milky Way night, but so 
far no reports of a sighting came to NYSkies. Observers all over NYC 
variously noted extra clear sky between roving clouds, alternating 
clear dark and cloudy sky, solidly clear sky, All remarked on the 
fullness of dim stars all over the Summer Triangle and Sagittarius-
Scutum region. 
    2018 June 11/12 in owl hours was the first Milky Way night of this 
year within New York City!.Most sightings were caught while observing 
Saturn near the brighter Milky Way. Every one admired the darkness and 
clarity of the sky, with the Summer Triangle and galactic center 
filled with heaps of dim stars. Altho only a few observers reported 
actually seeing the very Milky Way, the Sagittarius or Scutum Cloud, 
others thought a sighting was possible from some other part of the 
City. The sightings were from south Staten Island and south Brooklyn. 
    Three bright-star occultations in July 2018 illustrate a classical 
total, near miss, and graze. prameters based on Occult-4. 
 EDST time  P star mag %ill eln Sun alt-az cusp pos ver LibL LibB
 ------------ - ---- ---- ---- --- --- ------ ---- --- --- ---- ----
 Jul 21 20 25 D 2223 3.9 71+ 115  -1 35 177 +61N  77  79 +6.8 -5.7 
 Jul 21 21 37 r 2223 3.9 72+ 116     33 198 -48N 328 313 +6.6 -5.7 
    2223 = gamma Librae

 Jul 25 01 47 m 2633 3.8  94+ 151     17 221  -5N 357 325 +2.7 -2.9 
    2633 = mu Sagittarii
    graze on north limb over south New Jersey. 

 Jul 26 01 26 G 2779 3.8  97+ 162     23 ** 
    2779 = omicron Sagittarii 
    graze on south limb oveer north NJ, north NYC, north LI. 
    EDST time: month, day, hour, minute. UT = EDST + 4h
    P: D, disappearance; R, reappearance; G, graze; M, miss 
    star: Zodiacal Catalog star with common name under each entry 
    mag: visual magnitude of star, combined if multiple
    %ill: percent illuminated linar disc;; +, waxing, - waning
    eln: elonagtion from Sun along eclipti. Direction implied by %ill
    Sun: altitude of Sun if twilight or dayllight; blank for night 
    alt-az: atlitude & azimuth of Moon 
    cusp: angle around limb from N/S cusp; + on bright side; -, dark 
    pos: angle CCE around limb from celestial north 
    ver: angle CCW around limb from zenith 
    LibL, LibB: linbration of lunar disc in lon & lat 
    Two new bright planetary stars, 24 Bootis and gamma librae, 
announced in spring 2018. Both are in summer nightfall sky. gamma 
Librae is occulted by Moon on 2018 July 21. 
---- --- ------ ------------ --- ---- --- --- ----- ---- ------ ----
  24  Boo127243 14 29 +49 51 5.6 G3.4100 9.8  0.91  0.19   30.4 2018 
 gam  Lib138905 15 36 -14 47 3.0 K0.3 50 8.3  0.29  1.24  415.2 2018 
                                              4.63  2.18  964.6 2018 
---- --- ------ ------------ --- ---- --- --- ----- ---- ------ ----