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NYC Events


 John Pazmino 
 NYSkies Astronomy Inc  

    The following astronomy activities in the commuting ring enclosing 
New York City are operated by various organizations. A few cultural  
items of special importance to City astronomers are also included.  
    Altho NYC Events confirms the listed items, they are subject to 
change by their sponsors. Check with their contacts. Let the sponsor  
know that you learned of its event thru NYC Events.  
    Frequently asked questions and explanation of NYC Events is at 
    You may ask for previous NYC Events thru 'nyskies@nyskies.org' 
because only the current issue is in the website. It is replaced by  
next month's issue.  
    For events which missed NYC Events, check the NYSkies Yahoogroup 
forum. Join NYSkies by visiting 'www.nyskies.org/yahoo.htm' and 
picking either the email or website option.  
    All hours are Eastern Daylight Savings Time (UT - 4h). 

General notes 
 -----------                           / 
    'whole City' means the event has no specific or dedicated place. 
It may be enjoyed from the whole NYSkies territory or at a number of 
individual places. Celestial events are typicly 'whole City' events.  
    'all day' means the event is continuous or repeating during the 
open hours of the host facility. Facilities may have limited hours per 
day or days per week. Check with the event contacts.  
    'adv regn reqd',for 'advance registration required/requested' 
means that the event requires or requests signing up before the event. 
You must have your ticket in hand at the gate. There could be a 
deadline some days before the event, after which no more signups are 
accepted. Check with the event contact for specifics. 
    Prices cited are the 'rack rate'. You could qualify for discounts 
 As may be offered by the sponsor. Besides the base price there may be 
noptional extra fees to consider. 

Solar eclipse on 21 August 2017 
    The total solar eclipse that sweeps across the United States on 
Monday 21 August 2017 is a large deep partial eclipse in NYSkies. The 
Moon at mid eclipse covers the south, lower, 71% of the solar disc. 
See under August 21 for timetable for the eclipse for Manhattan. 
    This eclipse requires at all times solar protection because the 
Sun's face is always exposed. At read time it may be tough to obtain 
new filters due to the massive demand for them, nut push hard at 
vendors and large photography stores. Or observe by projection 
    Mind well the summer weather. You may be assaulted by haze, hear, 
moisture, rain, insects. Wear a hat and loose airy clothes, bring 
water or juice. You may duck into shelter for cooling off or rest 
because there is no special instant to worry about for this eclipse. 
    As at issue time there are few public eclipse watches announced. 
Possible reasons are the mass migration of astronomers into the 
totality path, leaving too small crew to carry out a public event. An 
other is that there is likely a public viewing for the Perseid meteors 
about 10 days earlier that could weaken chances to mount a second 
major event for the eclipse. 
    Please circulate among astronomy centers, using the contacts in 
this NYC Events, for late-breaking news of public eclipse watches. 

Perseid meteor shower
    On 12 August 2017 ,owl thru predawn hours in NYSkies, is the 
annual Perseid meteor shower. With so many astronomers leaving the 
NYSkies turf to view the eclipse, thee could be a shortage of crew for 
a public Perseid watch. The shower is also impeded by a 
 waning gibbous Moon. Check with astronomy centers, via the contacts 
in their entries hee, for news about public viewing of the shower.. 

Current Month calendar  
  Plain dates are in current month;  
  -, previous month; +, next month.  
  Moon phase: .NM., .FQ), (FM), (LQ.  
  Sunset is noted for each Saturday  
  Sun   Mon   Tue   Wed   Thu   Fri   Sat   sunset 
 -.30)  -31     1     2     3     4     5   20:07 
    6    (7)    8     9    10    11    12   19:58 
   13   (14.   15    16    17    18    19   19:48 
   20   .21.   22    23    24    25    26   19:37 
   27    28   .29)   30    31    +1    +2   19:26 

Index  of Events  
 * = NASA-JPL Night Sky Network affiliate  
 Date = entry in 'list of events' section 
 '0' = entry in 'ongoing and continuing events' section 
 'S/O',= entry in 'skipped, Sep/Oct resumption' section 
  'M/A' = entry in 'skipped, Mar/Apr resumption' secrion 
// '???' = entry in 'skipped, uncertain resumption' seciton 
 ------- -----------------------------------------------
 *Floyd Bennett Field - - - S/O 
  NYC-G2O - - - - - - - - - 24 
  Secret Science Club - - -  0 

    CONNECTICUT - CT                                                                          
 *A S of Gtr Hartford - - - S/O 
  Astro Soc of Greenwich  - S/O 
 *Astro Soc of New Haven  - 29
  Boothe Meml Astro Soc - -  4, 18
  Bowman Observatory  - - -  2, 16
 *Litchfield Hills AAC mtg  11
 *Litchfield Hills starvg - 25
 *McCarthy Observatory  - - 11
  New Pond Farm - - - - - - 26
  Stamford Observatory  - -  4, 11, 18, 25 
 *Van Vleck Obsy (ASGH) - - 12 
  Van Vleck Obsy (WU) - - - S/O        
  Western CT St Univ Obsy - S/O 
 *Westport Astro Soc mtg  - 15 
 *Westport Astro Soc starvg  2, 9, 16, 23, 30 

 *Amateur Observers Soc - - S/O 
  Amer Instt Aero & Astro - S/O 
  Astro Soc of Long Island   2, 9, 16, 23, 30 
  Brookhaven National Lab -  6    
 Custer Institute - - - - -  5, 12, 19, 26 
  Hofstra Univ Obsy - - - - S/O 
  Montauk Observatory - - - 10
  SUNY Stony Brook   -  - - S/O 
 *Susan Rose Observatory  -  5, 12, 19, 26 
  207th St subway shop s  -  5 
 *Amat Astro Assn starvwg -  0 
 *Amat Astro Assn lecture - S/O 
  Amer Musm Natl Hist   - -  2 
  Ctr for Atmosp Ocean Std  S/O 
  Ctr for Science & Society S/O 
  Central Pk (Great Lawn) -  4,5,6, 11,12,13, 18,19,20, 25,26,27 
 *Columbia Univ Obsy  - - - S/O 
  Cornelia Street Cafe'   - ??? 
  Earth Institute  - - - -- ???
  Good Housekeeping lab   - 11 
  Governors Island  - - - -  1-Sep 25 
  Gullicar's Gate - - - - -  0 
  Instt Stud Ancnt World  - S/O 
 *Inwood Astronomy Project   5, 12, 19, 26 
  Legionnaires's disease  -  0 
  Natl Musm of Mathematics   2
  NY Academy of Medicine  - 16 
  NY Academy of Sciences  - ??? 
  NYC-H2O  - - - - - - - -   9, 16 
  NYPL Mid-Manhattan  - - - ??? 
  New York Univ Astro - - - S/O 
 *NYSkies Astronomy Seminar  4, 18 
  Penn Station  - - - - - -  1-31 
  Riverside Pk South (day)  27  
  Riverside Pk South (eve)  12 
  SciCafe'  - - - - - - - -  2 
  Science & the Arts  - - - ??? 
  Simons Foundation - - - - S/O
  solar eclipse - - - - - - 21 
  Space & Sciebce Fest  - -  3-6
  Summer Streets - - - - -   5, 12, 19
  Top of the Lawn - - - - -  4,5,6, 11,12,13, 18,19,20, 25,26,27  
  TriState computer fair  -  0 
  Urban Park Rangers -  - -  0 
  Weekend Walks - - - - - -  1-Oct 31 
  Zika virus alet  - - - -   0 
 Ctr for Space Sci Edu - - info@nyccsse.org, www.nyccsse.org,  
  Physics Club of NY  - - - jdepalma@nyc.rr.com, www.sconyc-ny.org 

  A A A of Princeton  - - - S/O 
  A S of Toms Rv Area - - - ??? 
 *Amat Astro Inc meeting  -  4, 11, 18, 25 
 *Amat Astro Inc lecture  - S/O 
  Instt for Advd Study  - - S/O 
  Morris Musm Astro Soc - - S/O 
 *New Jersey Astro Assn       5, 12, 19, 26
  No Jersey Astro Gp mtg  - S/O 
 No Jersey Astro Gp starvg  S/O 
  Peyton Observarory  - - - 16
  Plasma Physics Lab  - - -  4, 18 
  Rutgers Univ Astro Collqm S/o 
  Rutgers Univ Astro Semnr  S/O 
 *S*T*A*R - - - - - - - - - S/O 
  Schommer Observatory  - - 10, 17 
  Sheep Hill Astro Assn - -  6 
 *Sheep Hill Observatory  - 18 
 *Utd Astro Clubs of NJ - -  5, 12, 19, 26 
  Washington Xing St Pk - -  4, 11, 18, 25 
  Buehler-Columbia AAA   - - www.bergen.edu/buehler, 
  Dark Sky Observers  - - - www.users.nac.net/gburke/club  
  McDowell Obsy -mec.rst2.edu, 201-460-8300 
  Montclair Telescope Club  973-948-5284, bischoff@garden.net,    
  Passaic Co Astro Assn  www.users.nac.net/gburke/PCAA, 973-523-0024 
 *Raritan Vy Co Coll Plm  - www2.raritanval.edu/planetarium  
   Skyland Stargazers  - - - skylandstargazers.tripod.com 

+    QUEENS - QN  
  Alley Pond Park - - - - - 12
  York College Observatory  S/O 


  Coll of Staten Is Obsy  - S/O 
  Great Kills Park  - - - - 26 
  Staten Is Community TV  -  4, 11, 18, 25 


    UPSTATE - NY  
  Lamont-Doherty Obsy - - - S/O 
  Ramapo Challenger Ctr - - 20 
  Vassar Coll Obsy  - - - - S/O 
  Ward Pound Ridge  - - - - 19 
  Westchester Amat Astro  - S/O 
  Mid-Hudson Astro Asson - www.midhudsonastro.org, 845-485-5669 


Ongoing and continuing events 
    all day - whole City - MH - Zika virus warning 
        Indefinite duration. US CDC warns of new mosquito-carried 
        Zika VIRUS from most of Central America, most Caribbean 
        islands, Mexico. Bite caught in these areas can be fatal if 
        not quickly and properly treated.Travellers should get medical 
        checkup soonest after return to US. Details at health care 
        provider or public health authorities. 
    all day -  whole City - MH - Legionnaires's disease warning 
        Indefinite duration. NYC Dept of Health warns of new outbreak 
        of Legionnaires's disease on Manh. Caused by viruscarried thru 
        HVAC ducts. Victims suffer flu-like symptoms. Disease is 
        curble if treated in early phase, else it can be fatal. 
        Details at health care provider or public health authorities. 
    all day - whole City - MH - clearsky starviewing  
        Amat Astro Assn. Sessions convene in parks usually at dusk. 
        Occasional daytime sunviewing. Free. Cancelled for clouds. 
                          president@aaa.org, 718-522-5014, www.aaa.org  
    all day - Gullivaer's Gate - MH - cultural exhibit 
        indef duration. 216 W 44 St, 7/8 Av. Opened in mid April 2017 
        for preview. Miniature models of landmarks and important 
        structures from around the world. Rooms arranged by quarter of 
        world and for New York City. $36, timed ticket, adv regn reqd. 
        Optional cost for stereopint of visitor into figurine placed 
        at desired item in exhibit. www.gulliversgate.com. 
    all day - whole City - MH - cultural tours & lectures 
        Urban Park Rangers. Tours of parks, landmarks, nabes, hoods. 
        Lectures on history and culture of NYC. Program varies each 
        month. Free. www.nyc.gov/parks  
    10:00 - whole City - MH - Tri-State Computer Fair 
        Source of computer systems, software, components, accessories. 
        $7. www.tri-statefairs.com, 718-227-5586 
    20:00 - Bell House - BK - Secret Science Club meeting  
        149 7 St, 2/3 Av. Lecture and music on various science  
        topics. Free. secretscienceclub.blogspot.com, 718-638-4400, 

List of events 
Tue  1 Aug 
    all day - ehole City - MH - Penn Station service disruption 
        Thru Aug 31. Amtrak shuts down several tracks each day to do 
        massive rebuild of railworks at station. LIRR, NJT, Amtrak 
       juggles trains on remaining tracks. NJT & LIRR plan to shift 
       riders to bus, ferry, rerouted train for lost rail service. 
       www.njtransit.com, www.amtrak.com, www.mta.info. 
    all day - Governors Island - MH - cultural shows 
        Thru 25 Sep. Island is open on every daym 10h-20h weekdayss, 
        10h-19g weejebds.Walkand tour thru former military base and 
        new urban park. Shows vary each day or visit by foot or bike. 
        Ferries run every day 10h-17h from Battery Marine Terml, MH, 
        and on weekdays from        Pier 6, BK. Island is free but 
        ferry fare is $2 RT. www.nps.gov/gois 
    all day - whole City - MH - Weekend Walks street fairs 
       Thru Oct 31.  NYC Dept of Transptn closes certain steets in 
        all boros on Saturdayss for street fairs. Stores and local 
         orgs offer ntertainment, discount sales, exhibits, food 
        service Free. 

Wed  2 Aug 
    16:00 - Natl Musm of Mathematics - MH - science show 
        Also 19;00. 'Mathematical Encounters'. Free, adv regn reqd. 
        212-542-0566, www.momath.org, info@momath.org 
    19:00 - Amer Musm Natl Hist - MH - SciCafe' show 
        Hall of Ocean Life or hall of planet Earth. Music, drinks, 
        chat with Museum scientists. Free, be 21 or be gone. GI photo 
        ID reqd. 212-769-5100, www.amnh.org/programs 
     20:00 - Centerport - LI - Astro Soc of LI meeting 
        Vanderbilt Plm. Free. asliastronomy@yahoo.com, 
    20:00  - Greenwich - CT - clearsky starviewing 
        Astro Soc of Greenwich. Curtis Elem Schl, Bowman Obsy. Free. 
        Cancelled for clouds. rickbria@optonline.net, 203-415-6762. , 
    20:30 - Westport - CT - clearsky starviewing 
        Westport Astro Soc. Rolnick Obsy. Free. Cancelled for 
        clouds. www.was-ct.org, 203-227-0925 

Thu  3 Aug
     09:00 - Intrepid Museum - MH - Space & cience Fest
        Thru Sun 6 Aug. Talks, crafts, exhibits, demos of space 
        exploration projects and science themes. Booths from NASA, 
        private space firms, labs, schools. Activiries on Pier 86 are 
        free. Those on Intrepid ship need $30 adm, incl Shuttle 
        pavilion. Special exhibit 'Summer exprince of Mars'.

Fri 4 Aug 
    10:00 - Princeton - NJ - science tour 
        Plasma Physics Lab. Walk thru history and culture of fproject 
        to capture energy from controled hydrogen fusion. Free, adv 
        regn reqd. Photo ID required for campus security. 
    18:30 - McBurney House - MH - NYSkies Astronomy Seminar  
        125 W 14 St, 6/7 Av. Discussion of astronomy topics, show 
        & tell, skywatching reports, news of astro activity in NYSkies 
        territory. Free. nyskies@nyskies.org, www.nyskies.org 
    19:30 - Staten Is Community TV - SI - science show 
        100 Cable Way, Mariners Hr SI. 'Geology forum' Live audience, 
        seating at 19:30, on air at 20:00. Free. www.sictv.org, 
    19:30 - Cranford - NJ - Amat Astro Inc meeting 
        nion Co Coll, Sperry Obsy. Indoor talk, clearsky  
        starviewing. Free. www.asterism.org, hfjacinto6@gmail.com  
    20;00 - Wash'n X'ing - NJ - clearsky starviewing 
        Amat Astro Assn of Princeton. Simpson Obsy. Free, cancelled 
       for clouds. www.princetonastronomy.org, 609-737-2575, 
    20:00 - Stamford - CT - astronomy lecture 
        Stamford Obsy. $3. Indoor lecture, clearsky starviewing. 
        203-322-6537, www.stamfordmuseum.org, cescovil@earthlink.net 
    20:00 - Stratford - CT - Boothe Meml Astro Soc mtg 
        Boothe Meml Pk, Obsy. Free. www.bmas.org, info@bmas.org 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing 
        Top of the Lawn. North path of Great Lawn. Free. Cancelled for 
        clouds. tags_p@yahoo.com, www.nyskies.org, nyskies@nyskies.org 
Sat  5 Aug 
    07:00 - Bklyn Bg to Upr E Side - MH - Summer Streets 
        Streets closed from motor traffic 07h-13h for promenade from 
        Bklyn Bg to Upr E Side. Only human-powered vehicles aloowed. 
        Street shows, viewing sites, music, performers. Walk thru Park 
        Av tunnel under Murray Hill. New attraction in 2017 is 
        'QuadWash' water-slide at Park Av & 71 St. Free. 
  Summer Streets route                                      5 Av 
  ====================                                       --O--
     |<--Lafayette St/4 Av/Park Av S-->|<--Park Av--/\/--      |72 St 
     Foley Sq              Union Sq       Grand Centl Terml    | 
  Bk Bg           Cooper Sq      Park Av tnl         
    11:00 - 207th St subnway shhops - MH - cultural tour 
        10 Avm 211/212 St. Walk thru history and culture of major NYC 
        Transit subway repair shops. Free, adv regn reqd. Have GI 
        photo ID for campus security. www.erausa.org, 
        trips@erausa.org, 718-304-6778 
    20:00 - Southold - LI - Custer Institute meeting 
        Custer Instt. Indoor program, clearsky starviewing. $5-$15. 
        Varies with program. www.custerobservator 
        president@custerobservatory.org, 631-765-2626  
    20:00 - Susan Rose Obsy - LI - clearsky starviewing  
        Amat Obsrs Soc. capus of Custer Institt. Sessions concurrent 
        with Custer's own events. Free, cancelled for clouds. 
        www.aosny.org, suerose@optonline.net             
    20:00 - Inwood Hill Park - MH - clearsky starviewing 
        Inwood Astronomy Project. Meet at park entrance, Seaman Av 
        & Isham St. Free. Cancelled for clouds. 917-529-2359 
    20:00 - Jenny Jump St Forest - NJ - Utd A C of NJ mtg 
        UACNJ Obsy. Indoor talk, clearsky starviewing. Free.  
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 4
    20:30 - Voorhees St Pk - NJ - NJ Astro Assn meeting 
        NJAA-HQ, Robinson Obsy. Free. www.njaa.org, 908-368-8600 

Sun  6 Aug 
    10:00 - Upton - LI - Summer Sundays science show 
        Brookhaven Natl Lab. Visit several BNL facilities with demos   
        and talks, Four Sundays, each with different activities. Free, 
        have GI photo ID for campus security. 631-344-2651, 
    19:30 - Boonton - NJ - Sheep Hill Astro Assn meeting  
        Boonton Senior Ctr. Free. www.sheephillastro.org, 
        contacts@sheephillastro.org, wwestura@optonline.net 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 4

Wed  9 Aug 
    88:30 - Central Park - MH - cultural tour 
        NYC-H2O. Walk thru history and culture of former Harlem Ck 
        under Central Park. $32.49, adv regn reeqd.     
        www.nych2o.org, matt@nych2o.org 
     20:00 - Centerport - LI - Astro Soc of LI meeting - see Aug 2 
    20:30 - Westport - CT - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 2 

Thu 10 aug 
                                              19:00 -Sag Harbor - LI - astronomy lecture 
        Montauk Obsy, John Lemain Memorial Library. Indoor talk, 
        clearsky starviewing. Free. www.montaukobservatory.com 
    20:30 - Piscataway - NJ - clearsky starviewing 
        Rutgers Univ, Schommer Obsy. Free. Cancelled for clouds.  
        732-205-0020, www.physics.rutgers.edu/ast/ast-serin.html  

Fri 11 Aug 
    10:00 - Good Housekeeping Resrch Instt - MH - science tour 
        Also 11:30. Hearst Tower, 57 St & 8 Av. Walk thru history and 
        science of product testing center of Good Housekeeping 
        magazine. Free, adv regn reqd. 212-649-5000, 
    19:30 - Torrington - CT - Litchfield Hills Amat Astro Club mtg 
        Central Congregational Church. Free.lhaacsec@gmail.com 
    19:30 - Cranford - NJ - Amat Astro Inc meeting - see Aug 4 
    19:30 - Staten Is Community TV - SI - science show - see Aug 4 
    20:00 - Stamford - CT - astronomy lecture - see Aug 4 
    20;00 - Wash'n X'ing - NJ - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 4 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 4
    20:00 - New Milford - CT - astronomy lecture  
        McCarthy Obsy, New Miford HS. Indoor lecture, clearsky  
        starviewing. Free. www.mccarthyobservatory.org,  860-354-1595, 

Sat 12 Aug 
    19:30 - Alley Pond Park - QN - clearsky starviewing 
        Alley Pond Enviro Ctr. $14 at door. Cancelled for clouds. 
        www.alleypond.com, info@alleypond.com, 718-229-4000 
     20;00 - Riverside Pk South - MH - clearskystarnviewing 
        NYC Dept of Parks. Pier 1 in park. Free, cancelled for clouds.  
     20:00 - Middletown - CT - clearsky starviewing 
        Astro Soc of Gtr Hartford, Wesleyan U, Van Vleck Obsy. Free. 
        Cancelled for clouds. www.asgh.org, 860-872-9069,  
    20:00 - Southold - LI - Custer Institute meeting - see Aug 5 
    20:00 - Jenny Jump St Forest - NJ - Utd A C of NJ mtg - see Aug 5 
    20:00 - Inwood Hill Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 5 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 4
    20:00 - Susan Rose Obsy - LI - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 5 
    20:30 - Voorhees St Pk - NJ - NJ Astro Assn meeting - see Aug 5

Sun 13 Aug 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 4

Tue 15 Aug 
    20:00 - Westport - CT - Westport Astro Soc meeting 
        Rolnick Obsy. Free. www.was-ct.org, 203-227-0925 

Wed 16 Aug 
    18:30 - NY Academy of Medicine - MH - astronomy lecture 
        1216 Fifth Av, Rare Book Room. 'Astronomy and astrology'. 
        $37.47, adv regn reqd. www.atlasobsvura.com, 
     20:00 - Centerport - LI - Astro Soc of LI meeting - see Aug 2 
    20:30 - Westport - CT - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 2 
    20:00  - Greenwich - CT - clearsky starviewing - SEE aUG 2
    20:30 - Princeton - NJ - clearsky starviewing 
        Princeton Univ, Peyton Hall. Free. Cancelled for clouds 
        jeg@astro.princeton.edu, lee@astro.princeton.edu 

Thu 17 Aug 
    88:30 - Central Park - MH - cultural tour 
        NYC-H2O. Walk thru history and culture of Central Park 
        geology, and hydrology. $32.49, adv regn reeqd.     
        www.nych2o.org, matt@nych2o.org 
    20:30 - Piscataway - NJ - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 10 

Fri 18 Aug 
    10:00 - Princeton - NJ - science tour - see Aug 4 
  18:30 - McBurney House - MH - NYSkies Astronomy Seminar  
        125 W 14 St, 6/7 Av. Discussion of astronomy topics, show 
        & tell, skywatching reports, news of astro activity in NYSkies 
        territory. Free. nyskies@nyskies.org, www.nyskies.org 
    19:30 - Staten Is Community TV - SI - science show - see Aug 4 
    19:30 - Cranford - NJ - Amat Astro Inc meeting - see Aug 4 
    20:00 - Stamford - CT - astronomy lecture - see Aug 4 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 4
    20:00 - Stratford - CT - Boothe Meml Astro Soc mtg - see Aug 4 
    20:30 - Boonton - NJ - clearsky starviewing  
        Sheep Hill Astro Assn Obsy, Free. Cancelled for  
        clouds. sheephillastro.otg, contacts@sheephillastro.org, 

Sat 19 Aug 
     20:00 - Ward Pound Ridge - NY - clearsky starviewing  
        Westchester Amat Astro. Meadows Picnic Area. Free. Cancelled 
        for clouds. waa-president@westchesterastronomers.org   
    20:00 - Southold - LI - Custer Institute meeting - see Aug 5 
    20;00 - Wash'n X'ing - NJ - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 4 
    20:00 - Susan Rose Obsy - LI - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 5 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 4
    20:00 - Jenny Jump St Forest - NJ - Utd A C of NJ mtg - see Aug 5 
    20:00 - Inwood Hill Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 5 
    20:30 - Voorhees St Pk - NJ - NJ Astro Assn meeting - see Aug 5

Sun 20 Aug 
    14:00 - Airmont - NY - science show 
        Ramapo Challenger Ctr, 225 Rt 29. Multimedia 
       imulation of space missions. $20. wwwlhvcc.com, 
        director@lhvcc.com, 845-257-3416. 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 4

/ Mon 21 Aug 
    a;; day - ehole City - MH - tentative solar eclipse watches
        As at issue time there are no positive events for public solar 
`       eclipse viewing in NYSkies territory. Some may be set up on short 
        notice, depending on available crew and facilities. Please 
        inquire directly at local astronomy centers, via the contacts 
        in this NYC Events, for latest news.
    13:00 - whole City - MH - partial solar eclipse 
        Visible thruout NYSkies. Times a minute or two earlier in 
        western region; later, eastern. Obscuration a percent or two 
        more in southern region; less, northern. Solar protection 
        required at all times for direct viewing, else observe by 
        projection. Timetable of events for mid point on Manhattan: 
        Duration 2h 38m, Obscuration 71%, Magnitude 0.768 
        EDST  | event         | alt-az | remarks 
        06:11 | sunrise       | 00 071 | start of daylight 
        12:58 | Sun transit   | 61 180 | apparent noon 
        13:23 | 1st contact   | 60 192 | Moon enters on right 
        14:45 | mid eclipse   | 53 227 | 71% covered on bottom 
        16:01 | 4th contact   | 41 247 | Moon leaves on left 
        19:44 | sunset        | 00 289 | end of daylight 

Wed 23 Aug 
     20:00 - Centerport - LI - Astro Soc of LI meeting - see Aug 2 
    20:30 - Westport - CT - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 2 

Thu 24 Aug
    98:00 - Newtown Creek - BK - cultural tour 
        NYC-H2O. Walk thru history and culture of industrial waterway 
        between Brooklyn and Queens. $32.49, adv regn reeqd. 
        www.nych2o.org, matt@nych2o.org 

Fri 25 Aug 
    19:30 - Staten Is Community TV - SI - science show - see Aug 4 
    19:30 - Cranford - NJ - Amat Astro Inc meeting - see Aug 4 
    20;00 - Wash'n X'ing - NJ - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 4 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 4
    20:00 - Stamford - CT - astronomy lecture - see Aug 4 
    20:30 - Litchfield - CT - Litchfield Hills A A C lecture 
        White Meml Consrvn Ctr. Free. Indoor lecture, clearsky 
        starviewing. lhaac.shutterfly.com, lhaacsec@gmail.com 

Sat 26 Aug 
    20:00 - Great Kills Pk - SI - clearsky starviewing 
        Natl Pk Svc. Enter at Hylan Bv to playground; Free. Cancelled 
        for clouds. www.nps.gov/gate, 718-987-6790  n 
    20:00 - Susan Rose Obsy - LI - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 5 
    20:00 - Inwood Hill Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 5 
    20:00 - Southold - LI - Custer Institute meeting - see Aug 5 
    20:00 - Jenny Jump St Forest - NJ - Utd A C of NJ mtg - see Aug 5 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 4
    20:30 - Voorhees St Pk - NJ - NJ Astro Assn meeting - see Aug 5
    20:30 - West Reading - CT - clearsky starviewingh 
        New Pond Farm, obseratory. $10, adv regn reqd. , cancelled for 
        clouds. www.newpondfarm.org, 203-938-2117, 

Sun 27 Aug 
     12;00 - Riverside Pk South - MH - clearsky sunviewing 
        NYC Dept of Parks. Pier 1 in park. Free, cancelled for clouds.  
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 4

Tue 29 Aug
    19:00 - New Haven - CT - Astro Soc of New Haven meeting 
        Yale Univ, Leitner Family Obsy. Indoor talk, clearsky 
        starviewing. Free. www.asnh.org, prez@asnh.org 

Wed 30 Aug 
     20:00 - Centerport - LI - Astro Soc of LI meeting - see Aug 2 
    20:30 - Westport - CT - clearsky starviewing - see Aug 2 

vents Skipped This Month 
    11:00 - Princeton - NJ - Instt Advd Stud lecture 
        Princeton Univ, Bloomberg Hall, library. Free.          
    11:00 - Palisades - NY - science lecture 
        Lamont-Doherty Earth Obsy, Monell Audm. Various topics in 
        geophysics and earth science. Free, 845-365-8634, 
        www.ldeo.columbia.edu, suzana@ldeo.columbia.edu, 
    13:15 - Uniondale - LI - Amat Obsrs Soc meeting. 
        Hofstra Univ, Berliner Hall. Free. www.aosny.org, 
    13:30 - Piscataway - NJ - astronomy lecture 
        Seminar series. Rutgers Univ, Serin 401. Free. 732-445-3974, 
    14:00 - New York University - MH - astronomy lecture 
        Meyer Hall, 5th fl. Various topics in astrophys and 
        relativity. Free. Have GI photo ID for campus security. 
    15:30 - Courant Institute - MH - science lecture 
        Ctr for Atmosp & Ocean Studies. Weaver Hall, 251 Mercer 
        St. Various topics in geophysics and earth science. Free. 
        caos.cims.nyu.edu, shafer@cims.nyu.edu 
    15:30 - Greenwich - CT - Astro Soc of Greenwich meeting 
        Bruce Museum. Free with musm adm. rickbria@optonline.net, 
        203-415-6762, astrogreenwich.org 
    16:30 - Piscataway - NJ - astronomy lecture 
        Colloquium series. Rutgers Univ, Busch Campus, Astro & Phys 
        Lectr Hall. Free. www.physics.rutgers.edu/colloquium, 
    17:00 - Simons Foundation - MH - scinece lecture 
        160 5 Av & 21 St. 'Strange new worlds'. Free, adv regn reqd. 
        646-654-0066, ww.simonsfoundation.org 
    18:00 -CUNY Graduate Center - MH - Ctr for Sci & Soc lecture 
        385 Fifth Av. 'Early modernb science intertwine An 
        Iberoamerican perspective'.. Free, adv regn reqd, Free,  
        limited seating. 212-854-7211, 
    18:00 - Inst Stud Anc World - MH - cultural lecture 
        15 E 84 St, 5 Av/Madison Av. Various topics in history and 
        ulture of ancient civilizations. Free, adv regn reqd. 
        isaw.nyu.edu, isaw@nyu.edu, 
    18:00 - Inst Stud Anc World - MH - cultural lecture 
        15 E 84 St, 5/Madison Av. Exhibition lecture 'Weeks, months, 
        yeats in Greek and Roman calendars' with  'Time and Cosomos' 
        showw.. Free, adv regn reqd. isaw..nyu.edu isaw@nyu.edu, 
    18:15 - Amer Musm Natl Hist - MH - Amat Astro Assn lecture 
         Kaufmann Theater. Free, no musm adm fee. 718-522-5014, 
        president@aaa.org, www.aaa.org 
    18:30 - East Meadow - LI -  Amer Instt Aero & Astro lecture       
        Spumante Restaurant. Various topics in 
        aeronautics and astronautics. Free, optional $5 pizza-soda. 
        516-458-8593, davidparis@optonline.net 
    19:30 - Princeton - NJ - Amat Astro Assn of Princeton meeting 
       Princeton U, Peyton Hall. Free. www.princetonastronomy.org, 
        609-737-2575, info@princetonastronomy.org 
     19:30 - Stony Brook - LI - astronomy lecture 
        SUNY Stony Brook, Earth &amp; Spc Sci Hall. Indoor lecture, 
        clearsky starviewing. Free. www.ess.sunysb.edu/astro, 
        631-632-8100, slutterbie@notes.cc.sunysb.edu 
    19:30 - Pleasantville - NY - Westchester Amat Astro meeting  
        Pace Univ, Miller Hall, Free. www.westchesterastronomers.org, 
     19:30 - Middletown - CT - Astro Soc of Gtr Hartford meeting 
        Wesleyan Univ, Van Vleck Obsy. Free. www.asgh.org, 
        860-872-9069, pparkerrs@cs.com         
    19:30 - Morristown - NJ - Morris Museum Astro Soc meeting  
         Morris Museum. Free. 973-386-1848, 973-386-1848,, 
        www.mmastrosociety.org, info@morrismusem.org, 
    20:00 - Upper Montclair - NJ - No Jersey Astro Gp meeting 
        Montclair St Univ, Richardson Hall, Room 232. Free. 
        njastro.org, 973-655-7266 
    20:00 - Floyd Bennett Field - BK - clearsky starviewing 
        Community Garden. NYSKies &amp; Natl Park Svc. Free. Cancelled 
        for clouds. www.nyskies.org, stephenlieber@nyc.rr.com, 
    20:00 - Cranford - NJ - Amat Astro Inc lecture 
        Union Co Coll, Smith Audm. Indoor talk, clearsky 
        starviewing. Free. www.asterism.org 
    20:00 - Middletown - CT - clearsky starviewing 
        Wesleyan U, Van Vleck Obsy. Free, cancelled for clouds. 
        860-685-3664, www.wesleyan.edu/astro/events 
    20:00 - Lincroft - NJ - S*T*A*R meeting 
        Brookdale Commty Coll, Mommouth Museum. Free. 
        www.starastronomy.org, s-walters@comcast.net 
    20:00 - Danbury - CT - astronomy lecture 
        Westn Conn St Uv, Obsy/Plm. Indoor planetarium show, 
       clearsky starviewing. Free. www.wcsu.edu/starwatch, 
    20:00 - Columbia University - MH - astronomy lecture 
         Pupin Hall, signs to lecture room. Indoor lecture, clearsky 
         starviewing. Free. outreach-admin@astro.columbia.edu, 
         www.astro.columbia.edu/outreach, 212-854-3278 
    20:00 - Uniondale - LI - clearsky starviewing 
        Hofstra University,Berliner Bdg, Rm 117. Free, 
        adv regn reqd. Cancelled for clouds. 516-463-2759, 
        www.hofstra.edu/Academics, observatory@hofstra.edu 
    20:00 - Upper Montclair - NJ - clearsky starviewing 
        No Jersey Astro Gp. Montclair St Univ, Richardson Hall. 
        Free, cancelled for clouds. njastro.org, 973-655-7266,  
    20:30 - Coll of Staten Is - SI - clearsky starviewing 
        Astrophys Obsy. Free, cancelled for clouds. 718-982-2818, 
   20:30 - York College - QN - astronomy lecture . 
        Core Academic Bdg, Rm AC-2E01. Indoor lecture, clearsky 
        starviewing. Free, adv regn reqd. 718-262-2082, 
    21:00 - Poughkeepsie - NY - clearsky starviewing 
        Vassar College, Observatory. Free. Cancelled for clouds. 

    18:00 - Cornelia St Cafe' - MH - Entertaining Science show 
        29 Cornelia St &amp; W 4 St, Play &amp; music on various 
        science themes. $10 + one drink min. 
        www.corneliastreetcafe.com, 212-989-9319 
    18:00 - Earth Institute - MH - science lecture 
        Columbnia Univ, Lerner Hall, Arledge Audm.. Sea level rise: 
`        Causes, impacts and options for solutions'. Free, adv regn 
        reqd. ei.columbia.edu 
     18:30 - NYPL Mid-Manhattan Liby - MH - cultural lecture 
        ' Lower Manhattan through time'. Free. 
    18:30 - CUNY Graduate Center - MH - Science and the Arts show 
        'TNo, No, Nobel' on women who missedthe Nobel Prize for 
        their work. Free. 212-817-7521, bschwartz@gc.cuny.edu, 
    19:00 - Toms River - NJ - Astro Soc of Toms Rv Area meeting 
        Ocean Co Coll, Student Ctr, Solar Lounge. Free. 
        www.astra-nj.org, 732-255-0343, webmaster@astra-nj.org 
    19:00 - NY Academy of Sciences - MH - astronomy lecture 
        'The unification of physics: The ques for a Theory of 
        Everything'. $15, adv regn reqd. wwww.nyas.org, 212-298-8600 

General News
    NYSkies Astronomy inc renewed its domain and web hosting thru year 
2026. We got a healthy discount from the year-by-year rate and 
simplifies our record-keeping. 
    Please verify events falling a week either side of August 21st! 
With so many astronomers in NYSkies land migrating to the total 
eclipse on that day, there could be a shortage of staff to run full-
featured events. Most eclipse travel spans  five or so days on each 
side of the august 21. Most listed events were set up months ago, 
before the full attraction of this eclipse was recognized. 
    NcCarthy Obsy meets on August 11, a Friday, not the normal 
Saturday. Inquire at McCarthy to verify this date. It could be a typo. 

City News
    On 4 July 2017 Joey Chestnut consumed 72 hotdogs in 10 minutes  at 
the Nathan's hot/dog eating contest. That's 8.33 second/hotdog!  The 
feat was both a new world record and Chestnut's 10th victory. He won 
every contest since 2007, losing only once in 2015. 
    The Penn Station 'Summer of hell' started on July 10. LIRR and NJT 
skipped trains, rerouted others, set up ferries and buses. LIRR and 
NYC Transit cross-honored fares. NJT and PATH also did. There were a 
couple derailents, signal glitches,  power cuts near Penn Station, 
adding to travellers's troubles. Hopefully the rebuild work will 
complete by end August. 
    Amat Obsrs Soc held its repeat 'City of stars' tour on 2017 July 
1, The day was hot and muggy, exhausting the group after its last stop 
at peace Park, after when every one called it a day. A rain missed 
soaking three group because it fell entirely during the bus ride from 
Columbus Cr to upper Manhattan. A couple NYSkiers took the walk, 
covering about 13km . 
    My article about a United Nations conference on protecting 
cultural structures attracted a lot of comment. The most common one 
asked why I didn't mention the role of UNESCO. It has several offices 
working for documenting historical places. The short answer is that 
UNESCO was not cited in the written or verbal material of this 
meeting. When composing my article, I learned of a far deeper reason 
UNESCO was absent from the meeting. I'm assembling a new section for 
the piece. Hen completed and melded into the article, I'll let you 
know. The current piece is at 


    NYSkies Astronomy Seminar on 2017 July 7 discussed Manhattanhenge. 
It would start on July 9 but we planned to watch a preview outside our 
room in 14th St. We were rained out.  We watched a slideshow detailing 
the mechanics and hazards of Manhattanhenge. it is usually possible 
for any town to find a sunset, or sunrise, alignment with some long 
sightline and assimilate it into a town's civic or cultural life. In 
New York the alignment is with the cross streets on Manhattan, aiming 
into azimuth 299 degrees. This happens on May 29-31 and July 9-11 each 
year. The range of dates allows for the solar diameter and width of 
the street. We saw how from the layout of the streets in 1811 thru 
about 1880 there probably was nothing special about the lined up 
sunset. The skyline was low, five or six floors, to allow a view of 
sunset when away from a street lineup. We saw a scene of the City from 
te 1850s showing the low profile of the buildings. In the 1870s-1880s 
several developments changed the cityscape. Some were pumping to raise 
water supply to floors above 5 or 6, acceptance and confidence with 
elevators,use of steel framework construction, building of rapid 
transit. All made it feasible to build the skyscrapers  that hem in 
the streets. Only a thin sliver of sky is visible along them. The 
sunset is not seen unless it fa;;s within the sliver, a sight that 
reminds of the alignment at Stonehenge. The Stonehenge effect was an 
in-house feature for astronomers but the public took little notice. 
When in 2002 Neil Tyson, Hayden Planetarium, highlighted the effect, 
the general public started to look for it. Attention gradually grew 
until 2010. By then digital imaging was well diffused in society to 
let any one, not just photographers, capture pictures of the sunset. 
Then after the twice-yearly event attracts myriads of viewers, many 
coming from off-island specially for the show. Tyson coined the term 
'Manhattanhenge', that in 2013 was inducted into the language by the 
Oxford English Dictionary. Being that Manhattanhenge is viewed by 
standing in the middle of a cross street, with a clear sightline to 
the Hudson River. This puts the viewer in the path of road traffic, 
which is not restrained by Manhattanhenge.  There can be accidents 
between cars and people, some fatal. Because Manhattanhenge lasts only 
three days each time and for only a half-hour on each day, there is no 
significant increase of traffic deaths/injuries in May and July. An 
other hazard is the dazzling Sun on clear days. it is dangerous to 
stare at the Sun normally, and more so when something interesting is 
happening with it. You are distracted from street activity to become a 
traffic hazard. We wanted to preview Manhattanhenge outside in 14th 
Street, like we did in the June 2nd meeting. It was raining. The 
second topic of this Seminar was eclipse viewing methods. We examined 
front-end filters for telescopes, densely-developed B&W film, eclipse-
rated cardboard eyeglasses, and mirror projection. We all knew that 
NOW [July 7] was the time to start getting the filters for scopes and 
cameras. Supply could run out from the immense public interest in this 
coming August eclipse. We knew that NOW is the time to start 
exercising with eclipse devices under ALL days with some sunlight. You 
must learn thoroly how to operate your device under all sky conditions 
possible in a summer day. We knew well not to try a homemade filter, 
like an unfolded shiny snack bag or dark-colored plastic. Takeaway was 
examples of sunset alignments, low-profile scenes, sunset azimuth for 
cardinal dates and Manhattanhenge, development of New York skyline, 
scenes of previous Manhattanhenge shows, sun shining thru Stonehenge 
pillars, street hazards for viewing Manhattanhenge. 
    Thank you, Carrie Ho and Jim Henderson for the pizza, soda, water, 
and candies at the July 7, 2017, Seminar. The refreshment made for a 
lively cross-talk and banter among us astronomers. 
    A travelling exhibit of Sistine Chapel reporductions sat in the 
Oculus on 2017 June 23-July 23.  A dozen free-standing panels carried 
detailed photos of Michelangelo's paintings from te Chapel in a roped-
off area on Oculus main deck. All can be seen well from outside the 
rope but a $20 admission let viewers inside for closer look  with an a 
recorded narration. 
    Sotheby's auction house on July 20, 2017, out on the block space 
artifacts, mostly from US and USSR human flights. Thee were also 
historical photographs of the Moon from the 19th century and several 
models of spacecraft. As at issue time I heard nothing from any 
NYSkiers winning any bids. 
    NYSkies Astronomy Seminar on 2017 July 21 prepared us for the 
August 21 solar eclipse. We took in a slideshow of solar eclipses, 
then explored the August eclipse with takeaways. The show demonstrated 
how solar eclipses occur, their frequency, relation to lunar orbit. It 
then showed the avarious kinds of eclipse, like the partial one for 
August in New York. It then illustrated features of a total eclipse 
for those of us heading to the totality zone. The slideshow was 
delayed from a computer malfunction, which Greg Homatas fixed. We 
discussed last minute preparations for equipment and travel.  We hoped 
there will be large sunspots, like the ones during the days before the 
meeting, to add interest to photographs. Most of us were practicing 
with their devices to be confident and proficient during the eclipse. 
Some asked about staging an eclipse party at home. The idea is a good 
one but requires thoro smarts about the neighbors, housing, viewing 
space. Any party should be low-key with a few snacks and soft drinks. 
We studied the takeaway, some duplicates of the slideshow frames, It 
was much easier to inspect the diagrams and charts on paper than to 
remember them on screen. SOme of us fumbled the UT-EDST  conversion. 
Most eclipse tables and diagrams are in UT, or GMT, which must be 
shifted to the timezone of the observing site.  One takeaway  map 
intrigued many. It was the totality path in South Carolina with 
duration contours. On the centerline the duration was longest, two and 
something minutes. Toward the edge it shrinks to mere seconds. Most 
eclipse chaser strive to stand on the centerline for the maximum 
duration, but roads and topography may prevent that. 
    Public notice of the 2017 august 21 solar eclipse suddenly erupted 
in late July 2017. Several newspapers had stories about it, some with 
viewing cautions and advice. Most warned that with the huge population 
living within a day's drive or ride from totality, this eclipse could 
be  observed by far and away the most people in history. Some warned 
about potential traffic clogs on roads.  
    After the 21 July 2017meeting sharp-minded NYSkiers asked if there 
was something wrong with the zodiac chart of this eclipse in the 
takeaway. It was drawn for 18h45m EDST, not UT. I entered UT  into the 
software to produce the chart, thinking it would slide it into EDST. 
It took the input hour as EDST and cut the chart,. It is four hours 
later than I wanted. A corrected  replacement chart wa sent to the 
NYSkies maillist. Astronomers only reading NYSkies thru the 
Yahoogroup, where file attachments are stripped, may get one from me 
by direct email. 
    Space & Science Fest at intrepid Museum on 2017 Aug 3-6 features a 
new circulating exhibit from NASA. It's 'Summer of mars experience' 
with a concept model for a future robotic Mars rover. The exhibit 
tours Jersey City NJ, Washington DC an Atlanta GA, before setting up 
permanently at Kennedy Space Center. 

Sky News
    July was one of the worse months for observing. The sky was almost 
never really clear, the best being a smooth haze. Observers did get 
stable images of Jupiter and Saturn and srudied double stars. Most 
deepsky targets were severely dulled. Many days scored temps of 32C 
and higher, that with high humidity made life awfully miserable. 
    Manhattanhenge in July 2017 was observed with mixed luck. Some 
watched it thru clear hazy sky; others, broken clouds. On Friday 7 July 
2017 observers were rained out at the NYSkies Astronomy Seminar.  We 
made do with a slideshow about Manhattanhenge and a walk-thru of 
Manhattanhenge takeaways.
    Steve Lieber, NYSkies,  alerts that some eclipse-viewing glasses 
at sale are not safety-rated. They look dark enough but may pass thru 
infrared wavelengths harmful to vision. he offers one web for details, 
of many such webs about hazardous glasses. All hyphens are part of the 


Eclipse viewing devices should be obtained only from reputable 
astronomy sources.
    The rainbow splashes under Second Avenue awed everyone who saw 
them! So far they are still vivid and brilliant, but I expect that 
accumulated dirt with smother them. When I first noticed them in 
April, while riding into 2nd Av to catch an empty downtown train for a 
seat, I was puzzled why no one else was admiring them. To and most 
other NYSkiers the splashes are so dazzling. At the July 7 and 21 
Seminar I brang photos of the splashes as pass-arounds. Some of us saw 
them immediately with no trouble. Some others insisted there was 
nothing at all in the pictures. They saw just the plain wall. This is, 
erm, bizarre. I can allow that in real life the splashes affect eyes 
differently, but not those in a static picture. Maybe, just maybe, the 
cause of so little general public attention is the on the whole no one 
sees the splashes. Only certain people do?
    Some readers asked if any planets will be visible during August's 
partial eclipse. They knew that Jupiter and Venus will be up. Alas,no. 
the sky will always be in full daylight, even at mid eclipse. Perhaps 
you may fine both planets with binoculars. Under totality, do pull 
away from the eyepiece and look around the sky. At least these two 
planets should be visible, maybe some brighter stars. If so, let's 
hear about your sighting at the September 1st Seminar. 
    As the days roll by, more and more astronomers in the NYSkies 
region are travelling to the August eclipse. The totality path is 
SOOoo close to the City that it's cruel not to try for it. Some are 
doing the in-&-out trick. They are riding by bus or train to totality, 
watch the eclipse from the depot, and ride the next train or bus back 
home. According as schedules permit, there could be an overnight stay 
at the totality town.n  
    After this coming eclipse the next one for NYSkies is on 10 June 
2021 . The Sun rises almost exactly at mid eclipse, 05:32 EDST with 
about 73% obscuration. 
    The next lunar eclipse is on 31 January 2018 at sunrise. 1st 
contact is 06:53 EST. The Moon sets at 07:07, before totality begins. 
This event is a true selenohelion! 
    In mid June 2017 NASA tried several times to launch ion bursts 
into the upper atmosphere to possibly generate artificial aurorae. The 
rocket ascent from Wallops is base and the bursts would be seen from 
NYSkies in south and southeast. After a few scrubs in evening, NASA 
tried again on June 29th in early dawn. The shot was a success but 
few, if any, astronomers in the City saw the show