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NYC Events

  John Pazmino 
 NYSkies Astronomy In+c 

    The following astronomy activities in the commuting ring enclosing 
New York City are operated by various organizations. A few cultural 
tems of special importance to City astronomers are also included. 
    Altho NYC Events confirms the listed items, they are subject to 
change by their sponsors. Check with their contacts. Let the sponsor 
know that you learned of its event thru NYC Events. 
    Frequently asked questions and explanation of NYC Events is at 
    You may ask for previous NYC Events thru 'nyskies@nyskies.org' 
because only the current issue is in the website. It is replaced by 
next month's issue. 
    For events which missed NYC Events, check the NYSkies email group. 
This is the relocated 'nysky' yahoogroup, which Yahoo teminated on 
2020 December 15. The new 'nydkird'group started on 2020 November 10.  
By late December the active astronomers from the old group are dialoging in 
the new one. 
    Join the nyskies group by sending an empty, balnk, email to 
'nyskies+subscribe@groups.io'. Any text in the email, including the 
subject, is ignored. 
     The email address you used to subscribe from is the one you then 
after converse with the group. Messages come to you when posted in the 
group. Send messages to the group by emai to 'nyskies@groups.io'. 
    All hours are Eastern Standard Time (UT - 5h). 

    I renamed this section from 'Coronavirus' due to the radical shift 
in life conditions in NYSkies since late November. The greatest is the 
rollout of the new coronavirus vaccines. At issue time some one
million people nationwide got the inoculation. The lineup for 
vaccination is set by each state. In NYSkies the general public access 
is expected in February-March 2021. By late spring enough people will 
be protected to allow stepped removal of constrains on life. 
    At first the vaccines were debunked as a juice concocted way too 
quickly, in seven months!, rather than the usual four or so years. 
Some news  media and celebrities warned against the shots, stressing 
the low success rate, only 95%, and mass deaths, four. 
    Then, all at a blow, just about EVERY public figure is now 
pushing the vaccines! Public officials, celebrities, one and all, took 
their shots at televised ceremonies. 
    On an other front, many public officials, on all sides of the 
virus episode, somehow caught the bug. All were duly treated with 
medications and recovered within a week. There was no wild hysteria or 
panic when a this important or a that famous person was infected.  Of 
the thousands of such folk with the virus, a couple did succumb, for a 
fatality rate of mere tenths of a percent. 
    A third factor is that the unyielding continuing lockdownss is 
less often based on virus and more on raw desire to keep people 
confined and controlled. In California, for example, the state health 
authorities explained that lockdown of almost all activity outside a 
residence removes enticements for people to leave their homes. In New 
York state, the virus emergency will end when the governor says it 
ends, not when virus-related conditions recede.cons 
   Under the roof rules about coronavirus, some towns let vagrants 
live in public streets while neglecting sanitation and hygiene. 
     And there's a growing flux of open disregard of virus rules by 
the very officials who impose them. Early instances were chalked up to 
hypocrisy. It's increasingly obvious the infractions are a internal 
recognition that the virus just isn't as horrific as supposed. 
    Typicly the person attended, or sponsored!, a gathering that with 
little, or no, virus precautions. These include parties, fundraisers, 
meetings. A news-worthy instance in December was the mayor of austin 
TX. He aired a video warning against pleasure travel. He filmed it 
from his vacation home in, hold your hat, mexico.   
    wOuld a public figure take part in a noncompliant activity to 
deliberately infect other guests? Or be infected by them? Hardly. He 
does so because he knows there is no more morbid terror of 
coronavirus. If atendees get the virus they go for treatment like for 
nay other illness before the lockdown era. 
    Coronavirus IS a serious illness that MUST get medical attention 
soonest. With delay it DOES worsen into a hospital admission. Until 
the ambient flux of virus ebbs, thru increased inoculations and herd 
immunity, continue to observe the three basic cautions. Wear a face 
mask in congested surrounds. Keep spacing, 2 meters, when ever 
practical. Wash hands often, each time for two rounds of the alphabet. 

General notes 
    'whole City' means the event has no specific or dedicated place. 
It may be enjoyed from the whole NYSkies territory or at a number of 
individual places. Celestial events are typicly 'whole City' events.  
    'all day' means the event is continuous or repeating during the 
open hours of the host facility. Facilities may have limited hours per 
day or days per week. Check with the event contacts.  
    'adv regn reqd', for 'advance registration required/requested' 
means that the event requires or requests signing up before the event. 
You must have your ticket in hand at the gate. There could be a 
deadline some days before the event, after which no more signups are 
accepted. Check with the event contact for specifics. 
    Prices cited are the 'rack rate'. You could qualify for discounts 
as may be offered by the sponsor. Besides the base price there may be 
noptional extra fees to consider. 

Current Month calendar  
  Plain dates are in current month; 
  -, previous month; +, next month. 
  #, NYSkies Astronomy Seminar 
  Moon phase: .NM., .FQ), (FM), (LQ.  
  Sunset is noted for each Saturday  
  Sun   Mon   Tue   Wed   Thu   Fri   Sat  sunset 
  ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ----------
 -27    -28  -(29)  -30   -31     1#    2  16:35
   3      4     5    (6.    7     8     9  16:47
  10     11    12   .13.   14    15#   16  16:55
  17     18    19   .20)   21    22    23  17:03
  24     25    26    27   (28)   29    30  17:11
  31     +1    +2    +3   (+4.   +5#   +6  47:20

Index  of Events  / ------------- 
 * = NASA-JPL Night Sky Network affiliate  
 date = entry in 'list of events' section 
 0' = entry in 'ongoing and continuing events' section 
 'AUT'= entry in 'skipped, autumn resumption' section 
  'SPR' = entry in 'skipped, spring resumption' secrion 
  '???' = entry in 'skipped, uncertain resumption' section, 
   '!!!' = entry in 'skipped, encumbered due to lockdowns 
 ------- -----------------------------------------------

  Astronomy on Tap  - - - - !!! 
 *Floyd Bennett Field - - - SPR
  Secret Science Club - - - !!! 

 *A S of Gtr Hartford   - - !!! 
  Astro Soc of Greenwich  - SPR 
 *Astro Soc of New Haven  - !!! 
  Bowman Observatory  - - - !!! 
 *Litchfield Hills AAC mtg  !!! 
 *Litchfield Hills lecture  SPR 
 *McCarthy Observatory  - - !!! 
  New Pond Farm - - - - - - !!! 
  Stamford Observatory  - - !!! 
 *Van Vleck Obsy (ASGH)   - SPR 
  Van Vleck Obsy (WU) - - - SPR 
  Western CT St Univ Obsy - SPR 
  Westport Astro Soc mtg  - !!! 
  Westport Astro Soc starvg !!! 
  Boothe Meml Astro Soc - 203-377-9933, 

 *Amateur Observers Soc - - !!! 
 *Amat Obsrs Soc starviewing!!! 
  Amer Instt Aero & Astro - !!! 
  Astro Soc of Long Island  !!! 
  Brookhaven National Lab - !!! 
  Custer Institute  - - - - !!! 
  Hofstra Univ Obsy   - - - SPR 
  Hmaptons Observatory  - - !!! 
  PubSci - - - - - - -  - - !!! 
  SUNY Stony Brook - -  - - SPR 
 *Susan Rose Observatory  - !!! 
 *Amat Astro Assn starvwg - !!! 
 *Amat Astro Assn lecture - !!! 
  Amer Instt Archarology  - !!! 
  Ctr for Atmosp Ocean Sci  SPR 
  Ctr for Science & Society SPR 
  Central Pk (Great Lawn) - !!! 
  Civil Rights Day  - - - - 18 
 *Columbia Univ Obsy  - - - SPR 
  Earth Institute - - - - - !!! 
  Globe at Night  - - - - -  4-13 
  Gvvernors Island  - - - - SPR 
  Hayden Plm 'Frontiers'  - SPR 
  Hayden Plm 'Live!' -  - - SPR 
  Instt Stud Ancnt World  - SPR 
 *Inwood Astronomy Project  !!! 
  Jupiter Joe's Astronomy - !!! 
  Natl Musm of Mathematics  !!! 
  'Nature of Color' exhibit !!! 
  New Year's Day  - - - - - 
  NYC-H2O - - - - - - - - - !!! 
  New York Map Society  - - !!! 
  NYU Astrop & Relatvty - - SPR 
 *NYSkies Astronomy Seminar !!! 
  Perihelion Day  - - - - -  3
  SciCafe' - - - - -  - - - !!! 
  Simons Foundation - - - - SPR 
  SpaceX NYC  - - - - - - - !!! 
 *Top of the Laawn  - - - - !!! 
  Urban Park Rangers  - - - !!! 
 Ctr for Space Sci Edu - - info@nyccsse.org, www.nyccsse.org,  
             212-608-6164 n 

  Bear Mountain - - - - - - !!! 
  Lamont-Doherty Obsy - - - SPR 
  Mid-Hudson Astro Assn - - !!! 
  Rockland Astro Club - - - SPR 
  Vassar College Obsy - - - SPR 
  Ward Pound Ridge  - - - - SPR 
  Westchester Amat Astro  - !!! 

  A A A of Princeton  - - - !!! 
 *Amat Astro Inc meeting  - !!! 
  *Amat Astro Inc lecture - !!! 
  A S of Toms Rv Area - - - !!! 
  McDowell Observatory  - - !!! 
  Morris Musm Astro Soc - - SPR 
  New Jersey Astro Assn - - SPR 
  North Bergen Viaduct  - -  0 
  No Jersey Astro Gp mtg  - !!! 
  No Jersey Astro Gp starvg !!! 
  Peyton Observarory  - - - !!! 
  Plasma Physics Lab  - - - !!! 
  Rutgers Univ Astro Collqm SPR 
  Rutgers Univ Astro Semnr  SPR 
 *S*T*A*R - - - - - - - - - !!! 
  Schommer Observatory  - - !! 
 *Sheep Hill Astro Assn - - !!! 
 *Sheep Hill Observatory  - !!! 
 *Utd Astro Clubs of NJ - - SPR 
  Washington Xing St Pk - - SPR 
  Dark Sky Observers - www.users.nac.net/gburke/club  
  Montclair Telescope Club - 973-948-5284,,    
  NW Jersey Amat Astro - www.nwjaa.org, info@nwjaa.org 
  Passaic Co Astro Assn - www.users.nac.net/gburke/PCAA, 973-523-0024 
 *Raritan Vy Co Coll Plm  - www2.raritanval.edu/planetarium  
   Skyland Stargazers  -  skylandstargazers.tripod.com 

    QUEENS - QN  
  York College Observatory  !!! 


  Coll of Staten Is Obsy  - SPR 
  Great Kills Park  - - - - SPR 
  Staten Is Community TV  - !!! 



Ongoing and continuing events 
    all day - North Brgen Viaduct - NJ - road closings and rebuild 
        Thru end 2020.  One lane in each direction is closed during 
        major rebuild of viaduct on NJ495 between NJ Tpk and Lincoln 
        Tnl. Buses have priority on remaining lanes. On-off ramps for 
        local street close from time to time.  www.restorenj495.com 

List of Events 
 # Events with dates are on-site events, all running pm lockdown # 
 # restrictions for attendees. Have in hand your facial mask and # 
 # follow all procedures at the event. Inquire at each event's   # 
 # contact for specific instructions. Mind well that local lock- # 
 # down authorities may intervene on site against violators.     # 

Fri  1 Jan 
     all day - whole City - MH - New Year's Daay
         Please check with event contact for session falling on this 
        day by rule or outdated schedule 

Sun  3 Jan 
   all day - whole City - MH - Perihelion Day 
        Celebrate the closest approach of Sun to Earth. Get strongest 
        sunbathing and brightest photos of year. Exchange homemade 
        Perihelion greeting cards. 

Mon  4 Jan 
    18:30 - whole CIty - MH - Globe at Night exercise 
        Thru Jan 13. NYSkies runs its own Globe at Night exercise in 
        2020-2021 while Orion is in sky at nighfall. Same method and 
        procedure as for prior years for documenting sky transparency 
        over City. Details at www.nyskies.org/gannyc.htm. 

Mon 18 Jan 
     all day - whole City - MH - Civil Rights Day 
         Please check with event contact for session falling on this 
        day by rule or outdated schedule 

 Events Skipptl This Month 
    all day - Governors Island - MH - cultural shows 
        Thru 31 Oct. Island is open every day, 10h-20h. From May 24 
        thru Aug 30, Fri-Sat, 10h-22h. Walk and tour thru 
        former military base and new urban park. Shows vary each day 
        or visit by foot or bike. Ferries run every 1/2 hr from 
        Battery Marine Terml, MH, and on weekdays from Pier 6, BK. 
        Island is free but ferry fare is $2 RT. www.nps.gov/gois, 
    10:30 - Piscataway - NJ - astronomy lecture 
         Colloquium series. Rutgers Univ, Busch Campus, Astro & Phys 
        Lecture Hall. Free. www.physics.rutgers.edu/colloquium, 
    13:30 - Piscataway - NJ - astronomy lecture 
        Seminar series. Rutgers Univ, Serin W330. Free. 732-445-3974, 
    14:00 - New York University - MH - astronomy lecture 
        726 Broadway, Rm 940. Various topics in astrophys and 
        relativity. Free. Have GI photo ID for campus security. 
    15:30 - Greenwich - CT - Astro Soc of Greenwich meeting 
        Greenwich Audubon Center. Free. rickbria@optonline.net, 
        203-415-6762. astrogreenwich.org  
    15:30 - Courant Institute - MH - science lecture 
        Ctr for Atmosp & Ocean Studies. Weaver Hall, 251 Mercer 
        St. Various topics in geophysics and earth science. Free. 
        caos.cims.nyu.edu, shafer@cims.nyu.edu 
    16:15 - Simons Foundation - MH - scinece lecture 
        160 5 Av & 21 St. 'The quest for the ideal glass'. Tea 16:15, 
        lecture 17:00. Free, adv regn reqd. 646-654-0066, 
    17:00 - Danbury - CT - astronomy lecture 
        Westn Conn St Uv, Obsy/Plm. Indoor planetarium show, 
        clearsky starviewing. Free. www.wcsu.edu/starwatch, 
       203-837-8671, dawsond@wcsu.edu 
    18:00 - Inst Stud Anc World - MH - cultural lecruee 
        15 E 84 St, 5/Madison Av. Various topics on history and 
        culture of ancient societies. Free, adv regn reqd. 
        isaw..nyu.edu, isaw@nyu.edu, 212-992-7800 
    18:00 - Columbia University- MH - Ctr for Sci and Soc lecture 
        Fauerweather Hsll, Rm 513. 'The triumph of scientific 
        imagination, 1760-1900'. Free, 
        adv regn reqd. 212-854-7211, scienceandsociety.columbia.edu 
    18:00 - Palisades - NY - science lecture 
        Lamont-Doherty Earth Obsy, Monell audm. 'Climate, carbon ```      
`       dioxide, and sea level: Past is prologue'. Free, 
         845-365-8634, www.ldeo.columbia.edu, 845-365-8988 
    18:30 - Hunter College - MH - Amer Instt Archaeolgy lecture 
        Hemmerdinger Screening Room. Various topics on archaeology and 
        anthropology. Free, adv regn reqd. GI photo ID required for 
        campus security. www.aia-nysociety.org, 
    19:00 - Hayden Planetarium - MH - 'Astronomy live!' lecture 
       Live narrated planetarium show. Enter at 81 St/Cntl Pk W. 
       $15, adv regn reqd. 212-769-5100, www.amnh.org/programs  
    19:00 - Hayden Planetarium - MH - 'Frontiers' lecture 
         Kayfnamm Thtr. Enter at 81 St/Cntl Pk W. $15, adv regn reqd. 
         212-769-5100, www.amnh.org/programs  
     19:00 - Uniondale - LI - clearsky starviewing 
        Hofstra University, Berliner Bdg, Rm 117. Free, 
        adv regn reqd. Cancelled for clouds. 516-463-2759, 
        www.hofstra.edu/Academics, observatory@hofstra.edu 
    19:30 - Morristown - NJ - Morris Museum Astro Soc meeting  
        Morris Museum. Free. 973-386-1848, 973-386-1848,, 
        www.morrismuseum.org/astro-society, info@morrismusem.org, 
        ckkrish@gmail.com, www.mmastrosociety.org 
    19:30 - Stony Brook - LI - astronomy lecture                     
        SUNY Stony Brook, Earth & Spc Sci Hall. Indoor lecture, 
        clearsky starviewing. Free. www.ess.sunysb.edu/astro, 
        631-632-8100, slutterbie@notes.cc.sunysb.edu 
    19:30 - Suffern - NY - Rockland Astronomy Club meeting 
        Rockalnd Commty Coll, main bldg. Free. 
    20:00 - Middletown - CT - clearsky starviewing 
        Wesleyan U, Van Vleck Obsy. Free, cancelled for clouds. 
        860-685-3664, www.wesleyan.edu/astro/events 
    20:00 - Columbia University - MH - astronomy lecture /          
         Pupin Hall, signs to lecture room. Indoor lecture, clearsky 
         starviewing. Free. outreach-admin@astro.columbia.edu, 
         www.astro.columbia.edu/outreach, 212-854-3278 
   20:00 - Coll of Staten Is - SI - clearsky starviewing 
        Astrophys Obsy. Free, cancelled for clouds. 718-982-2818, 
        csivc.csi.cuny.edu/supernove7/files/home.html, 718-892-3259, 
    20:00 - Ward Pound Ridge - NY - clearsky starviewing 
        Westchester Amat Astro. Meadows Picnic Area. Free. Cancelled 
        for clouds. waa-president@westchesterastronomers.org 
    20:00 - Jenny Jump St Forest - NJ - Utd A C of NJ mtg 
        UACNJ Obsy. Indoor talk, clearsky starviewing. Free.  
     20:00 - Litchfield - CT - Litchfield Hills A A C lecture 
        White Meml Consrvn Ctr. Free. Indoor lecture, clearsky 
        starviewing. lhaacsec@gmail.com, lhastro.org 
    20:00 - Floyd Bennett Field - BK - clearsky starviewing 
        Community Garden. NYSKies & Natl Park Svc. Free. Cancelled 
        for clouds. www.nyskies.org, stephenlieber@nyc.rr.com, 
    20:00 - Middletown - CT - clearsky starviewing 
        Astro Soc of Gtr Hartford, Wesleyan U, Van Vleck Obsy. Free. 
        cancelled for clouds. www.asgh.org, 860-872-9069, 
    20:00 - Great Kills Pk - SI - clearsky starviewing 
        Natl Pk Svc. Enter at Hylan Bv to playground; Free. Cancelled 
        for clouds. www.nps.gov/gate, 718-987-6790  n 
    20;00 - Wash'n X'ing - NJ - clearsky starviewing 
        Amat Astro Assn of Princeton. Simpson Obsy. Free, cancelled 
       for clouds. www.princetonastronomy.org, 609-737-2575, 
    20:30 - Voorhees St Pk - NJ - NJ Astro Assn meeting 
        NJAA-HQ, Robinson Obsy. Indoor lecture, clearsky 
        starviewing. Free. www.njaa.org, 908-368-8500 
    21:00 - Poughkeepsie - NY - clearsky starviewing 
        Vassar College, Observatory. Free. Cancelled for clouds. 
        physicsandastronomy.vassar.edu/observatory.html, descent 

   all day - Amer Musm Natl Hist - MH - 'Nature of color' exhibit 
        Thru 2021 August. 4th floor. Explore light, wavelength, 
        vision, pigments, radiation, sprctra. $28 adm & exh. 
         212-769-5100, www.ammh.org/exhibitions/color 
    all day - whole City - MH - clearsky starviewing  
        Amat Astro Assn. Sessions convene in parks usually at dusk. 
        Occasional daytime sunviewing. Free. Cancelled for clouds. 
          president@aaa.org, 718-522-5014, www.aaa.org  
    all day - whole City - MH - cultural tour 
        NYC-H2O. Walk, bike, ride thru history and culture of NYC 
        muwater system facilities and natural waterways in and near 
        the City.  Events are pay orfree, adn regn reqd. Bike tours 
        need own bike. www.nych2o.org, 
     all day - whole island - LI - clearsky starviewing  
        Amat Obsrs Soc. Sessions convene in parks usually at dusk. 
        Occasional daytime sunviewing. Free. Cancelled for clouds. 
         www.aosny.org, suerose@optonline.net 
    all day - whole City - MH - clearsky starviewing  
        Jupiter Joe's Sidewalk Astronomy. Sessions convene in parks 
        usually at dusk. Occasional daytime sunviewing. Free. `       
        Cancelled for clouds.  www.jupiterjoesastronomy.org, 
    all day - whole City - MH - cultural tours & lectures 
        Urban Park Rangers. Tours of parks, landmarks, nabes, hoods. 
        Lectures on history and culture of NYC. Program varies each 
        month. Free. www.nyc.gov/parks  
 = = = = = 
    10:00 - Princeton - NJ - science tour 
        Plasma Physics Lab. Walk thru history and culture of fproject 
        to capture energy from controled hydrogen fusion. Free, adv 
        regn reqd. Have GI photo ID for campus security. 
 = = = = = 
    13;15 - Unionsale - LI - Amat Obsrs Soc meeting 
        Hofstra Univ, Berliner Hall. free. www.aosny.org, 
 = = = = = 
    14:00 - Avenues HQ - MH - New York Map Society lecture 
        11 E 26 St, 17th floor. Various topics about map making, 
        cartography, geography.  Free, adv regn reqd. Have GI photo ID 
        for caampus security. www.newyorkmapsociety.org, 
 = = = = = 
    15:30 - Upton - LI - Summer Sundays science show 
        Brookhaven Natl Lab. Small seminar room. 'What is the Higgs 
        boson hiding?'. Free, have GI photo ID for campussecurity. 
        631- 344-2651, www.bnl.gov/evnts 
 = = = = = 
     16:00 - Natl Musm of Mathematics - MH - science show 
        Also 19:00. 'Mathematical Encounters'. Free, adv regn 
        reqd. 212-542-0566, www.momath.org, info@momath.org 
 = = = = = 
    17:30 - Intrepid Museum - MH - Free Friday show 
        Pier 86 and ship. Exhibits, demos, talks. Clearsky movies 
        and starviewing. Free. www.intrepidmuseum.org 
 = = = = = 
    18:00 - Bethpage - LI -  Amer Instt Aero & Astro lecture       
        Hofstra Univ, Breslin Hall, rm216 . Various topics in 
        aeronautics and astronautics. 'Observations from the 
        Apollo LM to the Shuttlre and ISS, and beyond'. Free, $7 opt 
        pizza-soda, adv regn reqd.718-812-2727, greghomatas@msn.com 
    18:00 - Earth Institute - MH - science lecture 
        Columbnia Univ, Lerner Hall, Arledge Audm.. 'Sea level rise: 
        Causes, impacts and options for solutions'. Free, adv regn 
        reqd. ei.columbia.edu 
    18:00 - Shalel Lounge - MH - SpaceX NYC meeting 
        65 W 70 St, Amsterdam Av. Fiscussion on space industry and 
        development. Free, opt meal/drink. www.meetup.com/SpaceX-NYC 
    18:00 - Amagansett - LI - astronomy lecture 
        Montauk Obsy. Amagansett Library. Indoor talk, clearsky 
         sunviewing. Free. www.montaukobservatory.com 
 = = = = = 
    18:15 - Amer Musm Natl Hist - MH - Amat Astro Assn lecture 
         Kaufmann Theater. Free, no musm adm fee. 718-522-5014, 
         president@aaa.org, www.aaa.org 
 = = = = = 
    18:30 - CUNY Graduate Center - MH -'GC presents' lecture 
        365 5 Av & 34 St. 'Climate change:The effects on coastal 
        environments''. Free, adv regn reqd. 212-817-7000, 
 = = = = = 
    19:00 - Patchoque - LI- PubSci show 
        Brookhaven Natl Lab, Blue Point Brewing Co, 225 W Main St. 
        'The quantum revolution'. Free, opt meal/drink. 
    19:00 - West Reading - CT - clearsky starviewing 
        New Pond Farm, obseratory. $10, adv regn reqd. cancelled for 
        clouds. www.newpondfarm.org, 203-938-2117 
     19:00 - Toms River - NJ - Astro Soc of Toms Rv Area meeting 
        Ocean Co Coll, Novins Planetarium. Free. 
        www.astra-nj.org, 732-255-0343, webmaster@astra-nj.org 
     19:00 - lyndhurst - NJ - clearsky starviewing 
        Ctr for Enviro & Sci Edu, nMcDowell Obsy. Free. cancelled 
        for clouds. Requires climbing narrow spiral stairs into domw. 
        www.njsea.com/observatory, info@njsea.com, 201-460-1700 
    19:00 - New Haven - CT - Astro Soc of New Haven meetinG 
        Yale Univ, Leitner Family Obsy. Indoor talk, clearsky 
        starviewing. Free. www.asnh.org, prez@asnh.org 
    19:00 - Amer Musm Natl Hist - MH - SciCafe' show 
        Hall of Ocean Life or Hall of planet Earth. Music, drinks, 
         chat with Museum scientists. Free, be 21 or be gone. GI photo 
        ID reqd. 212-769-5100, www.amnh.org/programs 
 = = = = = 
    19:15 - Lk Taghkanic St Pk - NY - clearsky starviewing 
        Mid-Hudson Astro Assn. West Beach parking lot. Free,  
        cancelled for clouds. Adv regn reqd with vehicle make, 
        model, plate number for park security. `       
 = = = = = 
    19:30 - Princeton - NJ - Amat Astro Assn of Princeton meeting 
        Princeton U, Peyton Hall. Free. www.princetonastronomy.org, 
        609-737-2575, info@princetonastronomy.org 
   19:30 - Boonton - NJ - Sheep Hill Astro Assn meeting  
        Boonton Senior Ctr. Free. www.sheephillastro.org, 
        contacts@sheephillastro.org, wwestura@optonline.net 
    19:30 - Staten Is Community TV - SI - science show 
        100 Cable Way, Mariners Hr SI. 'Geology forum' Live audience, 
        seating at 19:30, on air at 20:00. Free. www.sictv.org, 
      19:30 - Torrington - CT - Litchfield Hills Amat Astro Club mtg 
        Central Congregational Church. Free. lhastro.org, 
    19:30 - New Brittain - CT - Astro Soc of Gtr Hartford meeting 
        Central CT St Univ, Copernicus Plm. Free. www.asgh.org, 
        860-872-9069, pparkerrs@cs.com 
    19:30 - Pleasantville - NY - Westchester Amat Astro meeting  
        Pace Univ, Lienhard Hall, Free.    
        waa-president@westchesterastronomers.org  Sat  8 Feb 
    19:30 - Cranford - NJ - Amat Astro Inc meeting 
        Union Co Coll, Sperry Obsy. Indoor talk, clearsky  
        starviewing. Free. www.asterism.org 
 = = = = = 
    20:00 - Inwood Hill Park - MH cleasky starviewing 
        Inwood Astronomy Project. Meet at park entrance, Seaman Av 
        & Isham St. Free. Cancelled for clouds. 917-529-2359 
         www.inwoodastronomy.org, asonskendall@gmail.com 
    20:00 - Lincroft - NJ - S*T*A*R meeting 
        Brookdale Commty Coll, Mommouth Museum. Free. 
        www.starastronomy.org, s-walters@comcast.net 
    20:00 - York College - QN - astronomy lecture . 
        Core Academic Bdg, Rm AC-2E01. Indoor lecture, clearsky 
        starviewing. Free, adv regn reqd. 718-262-2082,  
    20:00 - Cranford - NJ - Amat Astro Inc lecture 
         Union Co Coll, Smith Audm. Indoor talk, clearsky 
        starviewing. Free. www.asterism.org 
    20:00 - Boonton - NJ - clearsky starviewing  
        Sheep Hill Astro Assn Obsy, Free. Cancelled for  
        clouds. sheephillastro.otg, contacts@sheephillastro.org, 
   20:00 - Greenwich - CT - clearsky starviewing 
        Astro Soc of Greenwich. Curtis Elem Schl, Bowman Obsy. Free. 
        Cancelled for clouds. rickbria@optonline.net, 203-415-6762. , 
   20:00 - Princeton - NJ - clearsky starviewing 
        Princeton Univ, Peyton Hall. Free. Cancelled for clouds 
        jeg@astro.princeton.edu, lee@astro.princeton.edu 
    20:00 - Upper Montclair - NJ - No Jersey Astro Gp meeting 
        Montclair St Univ, Richardson Hall, Room 232. Free. 
       njastro.org, 973-655-7266 
    20:00 - Westport - CT - Westport Astro Soc meeting 
        Rolnick Obsy. Free. www.was-ct.org, 203-227-0925 
    20:00 - Westport - CT - clearsky starviewing 
        Westport Astro Soc. Rolnick Obsy.  Free. Cancelled for clouds. 
        www.was-ct.org, 203-227-0925 
    20:00 - Centerport - LI - Astro Soc of LI meeting 
        Vanderbilt Plm. Free. asliastronomy@yahoo.com, 
    20:00 - Way Station Pub - BK - Astronomy on Tap meting 
        683 Washington Av & Prospect Pl (Prospect Hts). Informal 
        astronomy discussion in pub setting. Free, one drink purchase 
        reqd. astronomyontap.org/locatons/new-york-city 
    20:00 - Southold - LI - Custer Institute meeting 
        Custer Instt. Indoor program, clearsky starviewing. $5-$15. 
        Varies with program. www.custerobservatory.org, 
        president@custerobservatory.org, 631-765-2626  
    20:00 - Bear Mountain - NY - clearsky starviewing 
        Rockland Astro Club. Anthony Wayne Rec Area, picnic field. 
        Free, cancelled for clouds. www.rocklandastronomy.com    u   
20:00 - Susan Rose Obsy - LI - clearsky starviewing  
        Amat Obsrs Soc. capus of Custer Institt. Sessions concurrent 
        with Custer's own events. Free, cancelled for clouds. 
        www.aosny.org, suerose@optonline.net             
 20:00 - Upper Montclair - NJ - clearsky starviewing 
        No Jersey Astro Gp. Montclair St Univ, Richardson Hall. 
        Free, cancelled for clouds. njastro.org, 973-655-7266 
    20:00 - Central Park - MH - clearsky starviewing 
        Top of the Lawn. North path of Great Lawn. Free. Cancelled for 
        clouds. tags_p@yahoo.com, www.nyskies.org, nyskies@nyskies.org 
    20:00 - Bell House - BK - Secret Science Club meeting  
        149 7 St, 2/3 Av. Lecture and music on various science  
        topics. Free. secretscienceclub.blogspot.com, 718-638-4400, 
    20:00 - Stamford - CT - astronomy lecture 
        Stamford Obsy. $5. Indoor lecture, clearsky starviewing. 
        starviewing also called off for outdoor temp < -6C. 
        203-322-6537, www.stamfordmuseum.org 
    20:00 - New Milford - CT - astronomy lecture  
        McCarthy Obsy, New Miford HS. Indoor lecture, clearsky  
        starviewing. Free. www.mccarthyobservatory.org, 860-354-1595, 
 = = = = =  
    20:30 - Piscataway - NJ - clearsky starviewng 
        Rutgers Univ,`Schommer Obsy. Free. Cancelled for clouds.  
        732-205-0020, www.physics.rutgers.edu/ast/ast-serin.html  
 = = = = = 

General news
    Because of the continuing arbitrary spontaneous decrees for 
suppressing human activities, I leave all events in the '!!!' section. 
By mid December 2020 almost all venues and hosts scrapped their spring 
2021 services, such as offering meeting rooms for astronomy clubs. 
Just about all group starviewing is exfenestrate from actual or 
threatened lockdowns. 
    If thee is no encouraging news from events normally resuming in 
the spring, I may have to remove them from NYC Events in February 
2021. If they regain activity in the future they'll be handling as 
new events. 
    On 2020 Dec 15 our old Yahoo email group passed into history, 
after almost 20 years of service to astronomy in New York. All Yahoo 
groups also went into cyber-heaven. Do enroll by sending empty email 
to 'nyskies+subscribe@groups.io'. More at www.nyskies.org/yahoo.htm. 
    I thank Gregory Homatas, Steve Lieber, Myrna Coffino for their 
many messages in our new NYSkies email group. They give news items and 
events notices. Greg and Steve were members of the old yahoogroup. 
Myrna is a regular participant in our Seminars but is a new member in 
our present email group. 

City news
    NYSkies Astronomy Seminar for December 4 and 18 were cancelled due 
to continuing lockdown conditions ar our host McBurney House. 
    On Dec 1 Verrazzano Bridge returned to two-way toll collection. 
Vehicles pay  a one-way toll in each direction at toll plaza on Staten 
Island. Bridge since opening in 1964 had two-way tolls but in 1986 it 
switched to one-way toll. Vehicles heading to NJ paid a round-trip 
toll. Those heading to Brooklyn passed thru with no toll, on the 
assumption they were in the return half of a round trip. 
    Mass demonstration on Dec 2 against YS padlock of Mac's Public 
House bar, Grant City Si. The bar, with many other stores, was fed up 
with capricious locksown edicts and stayed open. Rally of many 
hundreds started at dusk, lasted couple hours with no police 
intervention, then tapered off peacefully. 
    Silly statistic from NYC Transit. The subway entrance connecting 
Main  Concourse of Grand Central Terminal and mezzanine of green 
line's Grand Central station  is the busiest single entrance in the 
nation. In pre-lockdown days it carried, up & down traffic, about 
185,800 riders per weekday. It's fall 2020 rebuilt elevator, stairs, 
escalators can carry 200,000. 
    Sandra Lindsay is first US  person to be inoculated with Pfizer 
coronavirus vaccine. She, in ceremony with NYS Gov Cuomo, took the 
first of required double shots on Dec 14. She gets the second shot 
near yearend. Lindsay is a critical care nurse at LIJ Medl Ctr, Forest 
Hills QN, where ceremony was held. 
    I separated my astronomy articles from my all-other, or cultural, 
pieces into their own pages in our web. Each has a link to the other 
for for easy crosswalk between them. pazmino.htm now has only the 
astronomy articles. pazcult.htm, new page, has all else, mostly 
relating to New York City. They are at 


    The world's largest menorah, 9.9m at top of shamash (central lamp) 
was mounted next to Plaza hotel, 59 St & 5 Av, MH, on Dec 8. This 
annual event could not be cancelled by lockdowns Starting on Dec 10 a 
Lubavich rabbi took public and civic leaders by crane-&-basket to top 
of menorah to light it. A lamp od lighted in turn on each evening 
during Chanukah. For this year the menorah frame was outlined in LED 
lights to honor the myriads of coronavirus deaths in the City. 
    Mind your Qetelet number! Advice to defend against coronavirus 
beats up on overweight and obesity. A simple parameter for these 
conditions is the Quetelet number, invented by discover of annual 
August peak meteor flux, later known as the Perseid shower. The value 
is (body mass)/(body height)^2, in kg/m2. In general a value between 18 
and 22 is good, but your physician must factor in your build and 
health. Less than 18 is underweight; more than 22, overweight.  
    I added new articles to the web. indus.htm is a recovered piece 
summarizing a lecture about the Indus civilization. planstar.htm is new 
edition of the planetary star table to include new star 15 Sagittae. 
awad-si.htm is revised existing piece from newly recovered material I 
for the Power-of-Ten exhibit. crux-nyc.htm is revised exiting piece 
clarifying how planetarium software can model visibility of Crux. 


    A humpback whale swam into NY harbor on Dec 8 morning. It went 
into Hudson River as far as Intrepid Museum, then meandered around. 
USCG noted it was healthy and out in danger. By nightfall it seemed to 
swim back to the ocean. 
    The New Year's celebration ion Dec 31 n Times Sq is called off. 
The ball does drop with music and fireworks but whole Sq is sealed off 
from spectators! The show is only telecast. Audio and video cuts and 
scenes from prior celebrations will be mixed into the show. 
    Prez elect Biden plans a remote-view inauguration on 2021 Jan 20. 
No public gathering at Capitol while he takes oath inside with small 
group  of space-apart dignitaries. Video feed offered to invited 
guests for ticket prices comparable to live attendance. The parade is 
a short one with segments from previous ones. Public gets telecast 
just of oath taking and inaugural speech. 
    NY Post, 2 Dec 2020, featured examples of civic and business 
figures ignoring their lockdown decrees. Some discussed in the article 
are: Denver CO Mayor Hancock, Austin TX Mayor Adler, US Sen Feinstein, 
Chicago IL Mayor Lightfoot, US Sen Schumer & NYC Mayor deBlasio. NYS 
Gov Cuomom San Francisco Mayor Reed. 
    On 2020 Dec 11 NYS MTA noted its OMNY tap-&-go turnstiles will be 
in all NYC subway and SIR stations by end Dec 2020. It, collects fare 
by tapping phone, with onboard OMNY program, or credit card on 
turnstile sweet spot. Turnstiles still accept metroCards until 2023. 
Bus farebox conversion completes in mid 2021. New OMNY farecards, to 
sell in stores and subway station, start issue in mid 2021. TAble of 
subway fare collection: 
    medium       | begin | end   | remarks 
    paper ticket | 1870s | 1920s | handed to agent at gate 
    coins        | 1920s | 1953  | coin put into ti turnstile 
    tokens     | 1953   | 2003   | various stules and sizes 
    MetroCard  | 1994   | 2023   | various fare options 
    OMNY       | 2019   | ----   | 
    Mullica Township NJ reported  loud booms, explosion,  bombs 
starting in mid November 2020. They were intermittent, some strong 
enough to rattle houses. Police traced sounds to Rob Butkowski's farm 
in Mullica. He built a 'hail cannon' that he fired off to dissipate 
clouds. Contraption ignites a gas-air explosive mix and funnels 
shockwave upward to clouds. He faces multiple charges. 
    Rockefeller Tree viewing is plain ridiculous. You have to sign up 
online for time-tickets, limit of four per group. Group stands in 
protective booth to admire tree, then must leave after five minutes. 
Most spectators stood across the street in front of Sak's store and 
watch with binoculars. 

 Sky news 
    December 2020 ws a poor month for observing, with clouds covering 
the Moon's passage bye Jupiter & Saturn on the 16-17 and the very 
proximity of the planets on the 21st. The Geminids and Ursids were 
mostly clouded out. 
     Globe at Night chalked up many cloudy nights. The January 2021 
Globe at Night session is 4-13. Orion is in good view all night long, 
culminating at 22h EST. Particks at www.nyskies.org/gannyc.htm. 
    NYSkiers admired the Full Moon rising on 2020 Dec 29 a few minutes 
before sunset. She was gorgeous! Air was clear and cool. Some 
observers were thrilled to go out specificly for this selenehelion, 
not just catch one ny chance. I watched from home. The sky slowly 
turned into twilight and the great big Moon rose out of houses on the 
next block. The sun was about to set, with sunlight on the tops of 
leafless trees next to the Moon. I waited until about 17:00 EST, then 
looked at Jupiter & Saturn. Jup is now east, left, of Sat with clear 
space between them. 
    Readers are still excited about selenehelia! I assembled this 
table of events during 2021 based on a Full Moon rising shortly before 
sunset in New York. All hours are EST. Columns: date, hour of Full 
Moon, hour of moonrise, hour of sunset, altitude-azimuth of Moon at 
    date   | FM| hr  | M rise | S st  | alt-azm 
    Jan 28 | 14:19 | 17:01    | 17:09 | 01 063 
    Mar 28 | 13:50 | 18:20    | 18:17 | 00 091 - maybe?   
    Apr 26 | 22:33 | 18:25    | 18:47 | 03 098        
    Dec 18 | 23:38 | 16:02    | 16:30 | 64 060        
The event on Mar 28 could be a selenehelion if horizon refraction is 
strong. It could retard sunset and advance moonrise, possibly making a 
selenehelion. The alt-zam id for Mar 28 moonrise. Selenehelia require 
a low clear sightline to the lunar azimuth. The apparition is spoiled 
when the Moon climbs into higher altitude well after sunset. 
Astronomers far from New York must work the table for their own 
latitude and longitude. 
    First snow in NYC fell on Dec 8 morning thru early afternoon. 
Distinct flakes in flurries with no ground cover. Some S and E sectors 
of City got only chilly rain. 
    NYSkies missed the Jup-Sat proximity on 21 Dec 2020 due to cloudy 
sky. Astronomers did marvel at the planets on other clear evenings  
before and after proximity. They  by late December spilled over the 
telescope field, but just a nudge of the scope to shifted view between 
    Mercury passes Jup-Sat on 2021 Jan 10 in  evening twilight. He 
makes equilateral triangle with them on the south, left, side. This 
event may be last good chance to follow Jup-Sat in dusk.By late Jan 
they go thru superior conjunction and emerge in Feb in dawn sky. 
    New planetary star 15 Sagittae. Discovered in 2002, confirmed in 
2020. The star is 18/2 from zet Sge to rho Aql, the  middle in 
brightness of the couple stars there. The planet is far and away the 
heaviest in my master table of bright planetary star, 61.5 Jupiters. 
    Planet | 15 Sagittae b  || Star Name | 15 Sagittae
    Discvr | 2002           || Distance  | 17.72 pc 
    Mass   | 61.5 Jupiters  || Spet Type | G0-V  
    S M A  | 14.0 AU        || Appp Magn | +5.8 
    Period |  ---           || Sun Magn  | +6.0 
    ----------------------- || Rt Asc    | 20h 04m 06s 
                            || Declin    | +17d 04m 13s 
                            | Alt Names  | HD190406, HR7672  
    The appulse of Moon with Jup-Sat on 2020 Dec 16 was snowed out 
over NYSkies. Moon was then below the planets. On the 17, with Moon 
left of planets, mostly cloudy sky blocked our view. 
    First major snowstorn hit NYSkies on Dec 16 afternoon. Smow fall 
peaked in early night, then finished by dawn. In the City snow cover 
was 20-30cm; Metro North, 30-50cm; NJ, 20-60cm; LI, 20-30cm. Low temps 
turned snow to ice, causing car accidents and foot slips/falls. Warm 
temps and light rain cleared all snow away by the 22nd. 
    Strong windstorm blasted NYSkies on Dec 24 eve to 25 morn. Gusts 
to 100KPH tore down loose fixtures, weak structures, trees. Dashes of 
heavy rain caused coastal floods. Scattered power cuts from downed 
electric lines