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NYSkies meets monthly for stargazing on a Friday night at Floyd Bennett Field in Gateway National Park, Brooklyn. There is no observing in case of clouds or precipitation.

Chair: Art Kunhardt (718-643-0959)
             Stephen Lieber (stephenlieber@nyc.rr.com)

2013 Schedule -- Friday nights, 8 PM - 10 PM 


(no session)

Mach 15

April 12
May 10
June 7

(no session)
September 6
October 4
November 1
December 6

    Floyd Bennett Field is located at the end of Flatbush  Avenue in Brooklyn (the "end" if coming from thr north).    
    There is a new observing location at the Field. This location is easier to find in the dark and is also within walking distance from the Q35 bus stop at the entrance to the Field. 
    The entrance to Floyd Bennett Field is on the east side of 
Flatbush Avenue just north of the toll plaza for the Marine Parkway (Gil Hodges) Bridge. There is a traffic light at this intersection. 

Travelling by car
    Travelling south in Flatbush Avenue, make the left turn at the 
traffic light just before the toll plaza, and enter the Field. From 
the south, coming off of the bridge, make the right turn at the 
traffic light into the Field. 
    Approximately 300 meters, 1,000 feet, down there is a ranger 
station and intersection. Make the left turn. Approximately 600 
meters, 2,000 feet, further is the Community Garden. The new 
observing location is in the parking lot of the Garden.
Travelling by transit
    The Q35 bus connects with the Flatbush Avenue terminal for the 2 
and 5 trains. The Q35 busstop is on Avenue H at to the Target store. 
    Take the bus to the last stop in Brooklyn, just before the toll 
plaza. Ask the driver to let you off at Floyd Bennett Field and to 
point you toward the entrance. 
    Do not get off at the stop for the Aviation Sports Center. Its 
gate may be closed on the observing night and the walk to the 
observing site is much longer. 
    After leaving the bus, cross Flatbush Avenue, enter the Field, and 
follow the directions for car above. 
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