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   Astronomers are exploiting NYSkies as a quick, handy, friendly, and potent source of astronomy news relating to the City. And there is LOTS of astronomy stuff going on around New York! Since it revived on 28 September 2001 (it was interrupted by World Trade Center) NYSkies became the definitive forum and public record for matters bearing on home astronomy in and around New York.
    In NYSkies you discuss reviews of exhibits, films, lectures, books; bulletins about sales and discounts; observations of sky events; plans for informal starviewings; reminders for upcoming meetings; and, inevitably, peripheral news about New York. Altho NYSkies is centered on the City, where most of its subscribers live and work and play, it is open to any one regardless of geography.
    In the message area all material is plain ASCII text. Print, font, other codes are discarded. All attachments are stripped off. When sending email to NYSkies, please set your mail processor to 'text' or 'ASCII' mode, rather than 'HTML' or 'Web'.
    NYSkies is a free-flowing dialog. There is no 'censoring' or 'editing' or 'approval' of your letters. You say what you want in your own words, which are automaticly passed along unmolested to the readers. For this reason, there may be instances of personally offensive material. But you know that it is the accurate and true writing of the author. Of course, you may delete such matter and not reply to it.
    Joining NYSkies is easy. Click 'nysky-subscribe@yahoogroups.com' to open your email program. Leave the subject and text empty; do not enter anything there. Then just do ‘send’. It's that simple! You quickly start receiving NYSkies letters one by one. There is no regularity to these emails; they come to you as they are posted into NYSkies. You reply to a NYSkies letter, or initiate a new one, by
 sending email to 'nysky@yahoogroups.com'.
    Or you may go to 'groups.yahoo.com/group/nysky'. If you are already signed up with Yahoo, you go and sign in and then 'join' NYSkies. If not, you have to go thru a short registration that's a oneshot chore, valid for all groups you may eventually join. You may within the website choose to receive your NYSkies email bundled into daily compilations. You get a single email per day with all the NYSkies letters in it.

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