John Pazmino
 NYSkies Astronomy Inc 
 1994 September 1
[These two articles were written before the establishment of NYSkies 
and have only minor editing. The issue date is that of publication in 
the club's newsletter. 
    [In 2009 by a remarkable coincidence of two similar events, they 
are here published again. 2009 July 20 is the 40th anniversary of 
Apollo and a new collision scar appeared on Jupiter on 2009 July 19. 
    [Some NYSkiers recall Shoemaker-Levy-9 and Jupiter from 1994. 
They, newer NYSkies folk, and other astronomers, are closely studying 
the new impact feature. 
    [Unlike in 1994, there was no grand public spectacle in the City 
for Apollo. The only significant public celebration was the NYSkies 
Seminar on 2009 July 1. It featured 'Remembering Apollo' with movies 
from the early space age, trading of memories, and show-&-tell of 
Apollo souvenirs and artifacts.
    For the Astronomical League convention in August 2009 on Long
Island I supplies handouts of these pieces embellished with several
illustrations. The delegates were utterly fresked out that an actual
witness to the collision of Showmaker-Levy-9 was among them and had his
account for them to take home. 
    That handout is HERE as a PDF document.]