John Pazmino
 NYSkies Astronomy Inc 
 1996 May 1 
[Besides the full accounts in this EYEPIECE, readers sent in brief 
notes about the Comet [Hyakutake]. Here they are!, arranged 
alphabeticly. The one grand and infuriating impediment against seeing 
Hyakutake was the fickle weather around the City, typical for this 
early spring period [of 1996]. It's true: If you don't like it, wait 
an hour. Hence, We got seemingly discordant accounts from the same 
night! One reader viewed in an hour when the sky was filled with 
clouds or haze. The other went out in an other hour when the sky was 
sparkling clear!] 
    Greg Afs, Philadelphia PA, went to Lake Nockamixon to see the 
Comet on Wed 27 Nar 96. Altho hazy, he did see a nice tail with his 
scope. How ever, neighbors were unimpressed; they liked the TV news 
views better! 
    Annette Bartle basked under the Comet in 20s of Mar 96 as it 
floated over her Lenox Hill MH penthouse. With 6x30s she saw the 
bright core and fringe. She also saw it in mid Feb 96 from British 
Virgin Is. 
    Annette Bartle and John Pazmino saw the Comet by eye 19:15 Wed 27 
Mar 96. Seen from her Lenox Hill MH penthouse it was 1-1/2 as big as 
the FQ Moon with fringe at 1 o'clock. They also used her lOOmm Sch-
Cass and 6x30s. 
    Annette Bartle particularly enjoyed Hyakutake when it sailed thru 
star-filled Perseus 31 Mar-5 Apr 96. Stars shone thru the 1-deq tail! 
She also followed Venus sliding by the Pleiades. 
    Arline Caldwell and Arnold Gold were struck crazy on Sat 23 Mar 96 
when they traced the Comet's tail almost back to Arcturus! They viewed 
tram Arline's Amagansett L! beachhouse with various binoculars. 
    Wendy Carlos and Annemarie Franklin were floored by Hyakutake from 
their Union Sq MH rooftop. It was an obvious naked eye sight at 01:30 
Sat-Sun 23-24 Mar 96 nearly overhead, including a short tail. 
    Gerald Cross and family went outside their Oak Ridge NJ house on 
Sun 24 Mar 96 and saw the Comet clearly by eye and binoculars. They 
were hampered by thin.clouds and saw only the elongated head. 
    Jack Dittrick's 'new' eye found the Comet from his house near 
Queens Call, Flushing QN, in evening on Sun & Tue 24 & 26 Mar 96. It 
was a shiny round glow easily visible above the surrounding 
    Joseph Enrico and wife studied the Comet from their Oceanside LI 
house on Sun 24 Mar 96 with 10x50s. Altho the sky was hazy they 
admired the Comet's short brushy tail and elongated coma. 
    Beau Gage viewed Hyakutake from her Upper Westchester country home 
on 23-24 Mar 96. She invited friends over to watch its proper motion 
hour-by-hour across the Big Dipper. Tail was about 40 deg long! 
    David Greenberg was smothered by thick clouds on Sat 23 Mar 96 in 
late evening. Never the less from his Mount Kisco NY yard he did see 
the Moon-size head with a hazy border. 
    Fernando Harris got a good view of the Comet against the North 
Star at 21:00 Tue 26 Mar 96 from his Colonial Pk MH (near old Polo 
Grounds) tenement. It was by eye a Moon-size cotton ball more fuzzy on 
upper side. 
    Dave Lord saw Hyakutake with his S Florida A A A near Ft 
Lauderdale FL evening Sat 16 Mar 96 by naked eye thru thin clouds! 
Club's scopes and binocs showed developing tail structure and detail 
in the huge coma. 
    Dave Lord tried from his Ft Lauderdale home on Tue & Wed 19 & 20 
Mar 96. Thru haze and trashlights he could definitely see it by eye as 
a fuzzball. But there was no hint of tail with Fujinon 14x70s. , 
    Ambrose Moore tried from his Hamilton ON balcony on evening Sat 23 
Mar 96. It was plainly visible by eye as a large soft patch. The local 
industrial air pollution prevented any better views. 
    Dan Morgan and Felicia De La Mothe saw Hyakutake 21:00 Sun 24 Mar 
96 from Dan's Park Slope BK rooftop. Thru thin clouds it was a 
fuzzball a little larger than the Moon with a bright core. They viewed 
with binocs. 
    Ben Mukherjee and wife went to a comet watch in Montclair NJ on 
sat 23 Mar 96 run by Montclair St Call. From the hill top campus he 
and the 100ish other visitors saw a short tail and bright head thru a 
hazy sky. 
    David Nevin and Nancy Mohrmann were freaked out by the Comet's 
proper motion, about 3 degrees in the several hours they watched on 
Sat 23 Mar 96 from Dave's W Hempstead LI house. They used 7x50s and 
200mm refl. 
    Michael O'Gara examined the Comet on Thu 21 Mar 96 from his 
Cherokee MH rooftop. By eye it was a blurry star about 2-1/2 maqn. 
Thru his new refl he saw the bright core and streamlining around it. 
    John Payne and wife viewed in evening Tue 26 Mar 96 from lakefront 
park in Westchester Co, NY. To them the comet shimmered and the tail 
had individual streamers. Their photos confirmed this impression. 
    Irv Robbins studied the Comet every clear night he could in Mar 
96, after his Col of SI classes, from his Staten Is home. He captured 
dozens of CCDgrams of it and processed them to show isophots around 
the nucleus. 
    Paul Rondinone showed 30 Boy Scouts the comet from Pound Ridge NY 
on Sat 23 Mar 96. Altho the sky was clearing they could see little 
tail. The scouts were disappointed that the comet didn't race around 
the sky. 
    Stew Rorer had a cow on Sun 24 Mar 96 -- the nucleus split in two! 
No, when he looked more closely at 04:00 Hyakutake was gliding past 
gam Boo. The star was within the coma! He viewed from his N Ft Myers 
FL home. By 05:00 the Comet moved off of the star, dissolving the 
    Rodney Taylor on Wed 20 Mar 96 found Hyakutake by eye from his 
North Park TX home. It was near threshold visibility as a fuzzy patch 
due to intense skyglow from surrounding lights. 
    Eileen,Thomas ODed from Central Pk and Great Kills Pk sessions, 
was rejuvenated on Tue 26 Mar 96. At 20:00 she showed the Comet from 
her Ward Hill SI house to 3 local kids. They saw no tail in her 
Astroscan thru haze. 
    Eileen Thomas ate supper under the rays of Hyakutake since 27 Mar 
96. Every clear -- and even not-sa-clear -- evening it shone thru her 
dining room window [in Word Hill SI]. Between bites she inspected the 
comet thru her Astroscan. 
    Steve Tury followed the Comet from his Upper West Side MH rooftop 
with assorted scopes and binocs every chance he got in Mar 96. In 
comparing it with Halley's Comet from 85-86, he noted Hyakutake was 
more awesome. 
    Barbara VanMir, visiting from Belgium, saw the Comet next to 
Polaris Tue 26 Mar 96 from a Greenwich Village MH street corner! Altho 
tempered by clouds she was amazed that it was visible at all from the 
City. She added that it was cloudy in Belgium thruout March so this 
was her first sighting.